Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry I have not posted in several days. I have been meaning to, but we came to Little Rock to visit family and I have just been busy. I have much to discuss.

First, the doctor's appointment went just fine. He was very happy with how healthy Lucy is and how well she is adjusting. She weighed 15 lbs, so she has gained a pound since we were at her Visa interview. She was in the 50th percentile for both weight and head circumference. She was 26.75 inches long, which made her in the 90th percentile for height!! She is a tall girl. She didn't have to get any shots or blood drawn at this appointment, so it was not bad. However, we are now in the process of gathering stool samples, which may I say makes me totally gag. Once we gather the number of viles that they gave us, we take them to the lab and then she will have her blood drawn, which will not be fun either. They will run the full screen of tests then. She will get her shots when we go back to the doctor in 6 weeks. Lucy's orphanage gave us a detailed report of the vaccines that she has had thus far, so we are just going to pick up where she left off and add the vaccines that she never received in Vietnam. So, that was the doctor's appointment.

I have had several people ask how our dogs are adjusting to Lucy. Bianca, is fine. She likes to kiss on Lucy, but does not like it when Lucy tries to reach out at her. She likes to cuddle with me while I rock or hold Lucy. Bruiser, on the other hand, is not so happy to have a sister. He is snippy with her, but we are working on him. He is not a friendly dog, period. So I don't know that he is ever going to get much better. I would prefer he just ignore her. Justin caught Lucy, Bianca, and I napping the other day.

Lucy has had a great time meeting her cousin, John and her aunt Holly. John has grown so much since I last saw him. He is such a big boy. We are having a little sip and see for Lucy tomorrow, which will be fun. I will post pictures from it afterwards.

She started eating some peas 2 days ago. She is not so impressed. We will try a new vegggie in a day or so. The doctor was fine with the amount she has been eating. He did say she should be getting about 35 oz. of formula a day, which we are no where near. But, he said since she is growing that he is not concerned. Yeah. She has eaten the peas a little, but not much. They are gross to me too, so I can't say I blame her. The doctor also said that teeth do not appear to be coming for now. I thought maybe she was starting to get teeth since she chews so much, but he said not for a while. Lucy is sleeping longer and longer each night. She made it 8.5 hours last night before she needed a bottle. It was so great for me. She sleeps until 8 or 8:30 each morning. I am starting to feel more and more like a normal person. I have been able to stay awake until 10:30 or 11 this whole week. I was going to bed at like 8:30 there for a while.

We are getting her pictures made on Monday and I cannot wait. A friend I grew up with from childhood is taking them and she is the best photographer I know. The pictures are going to turn out so great!! That is about it on Lucy updates for today.


Sarah said...

Glad the doctors appointment went well. Can't wait to see those pictures. Have fun at Lucy's sip and see.

Anonymous said...

Glad the appointment went well, sounds like she is doing fantastic! Peas are the only food that Addison won't eat and she's a vaccum. I don't blame Lucy either! You guys look so sweet napping :-)

Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Love the napping picture - so sweet!

Susan said...

Awww, it's so great that at least Bianca is handling the addition to the family okay. She actually looks quite comfy taking a nap with you and Lucy.

Gosh, you've been busy! Big fun collecting poop samples, huh? Thanks for letting me know what I have to look forward to! :-)

Rachel said...

That is such a sweet picture. Definitely one you will treasure for a long, long time. :) Lucy sounds very healthy! The blood work is no fun, but just one of those necessary evils. I'm sure she'll do just fine...mommy on the other hand might have a difficult time! :(

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh - the long awaited Sarah photographs. Oh. My. Goodness. I am TOTALLY jealous. They are going to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Of course, her job is going to be pretty easy since Lucy is so completely adorable. I really can't wait to see them.

Glad you girls are having a proper party tomorrow and that she's getting to meet everyone. You gotta get that girl in touch with her new Arkansas roots! Maybe you can teach her to do that pig call thing.

Hoping to come to Dallas week after next and meet her in person!

Anonymous said...


Just wondering what sling you are using with Lucy. I am preparing for bringing home our daughter and really like the idea of the sling. Anyway, I have really been enjoying your pictures and reading how everything has unfolded for you and your family.

Destination Motherhood said...

great news on the doctor visit, not so great on the poo but you got to do your mommie duties :)

Wow, it sounds like she is sleeping really well.

Ann said...

That's such a sweet photo. I worry too how the pups will adjust. But hopefully well. I can't wait to see the "professional" pics.