Saturday, December 16, 2006

Preparation and Sickness Don't Mix

I am sick again. I had a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. I took antibiotics and felt fine and then wham, it is back and worse than before. Since Tuesday, I have felt awful. I have another antibiotic now and I sure better feel better by next Saturday. I know that I will. Justin is sick this time as well. I am very very thankful that I am sick now and not right as we are going to be travelling or in Vietnam. I had a lot of plans for this weekend to get us closer to being ready to travel, but I have only been able to do a few things and then I have to get back in bed. Not good. By the way, this time in exactly one week we will be more than halfway to Tokyo!!!! Isn't that fun! One week and we are on our way to get our girl!

Here is a problem we have - we will be in every part of Vietnam on our trip. Lucy is in central Vietnam, then we will have an appointment in Ho Chi Minh City (southern Vietnam), and we will finish in Hanoi, which is in the north. The temperature varies widely right now in the south and the north. So, in my mind, we have to pack so much more because we need clothes for warm weather and cool weather. I am getting concerned about the amount of stuff we are taking. Any suggestions on how much to take for each climate? It is inevitable we will have way too much stuff, I know that. My thinking on it is that I would rather be prepared because it gives me peace of mind knowing that we have everything we will need - with the exception of diapers and formula - those will have to be bought in Vietnam.

One more thing, to anyone with Beta Blogger, I can no longer comment on your blog. I hope they are fixing this, because I really like to comment, but it will not let me log on. So, don't think that I am not reading, because I am. Okay, I am editing this post because I can comment again, Yeah!!!

Big Happy Birthday to my other little sister, AMY!! Sorry I am a few days late on posting this. I have not been able to accomplish much the past couple of days. Love ya!


Brenda said...

oh Kelly, the stress is making you sick! I hope you and Justin get to feeling better before your trip. Excited for you!

KelleyO said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are the worst! How exciting only a week before you travel!

Stepping On Legos said...

Thank GOD you are catching it now. You do NOT want to end up like I did. Regardless, pack extra antibiotics (both Cipro and whatever you are taking for the sinus infection) just in case it hits a third time. It is a good liklihood because of the crazy changing climates.

I can not believe you are leaving in a week. It makes me all teary!! I can not WAIT to see Lucy in your arms! The time is finally HERE!!!

As for packing, I would definitely pack only a few warm-weather things for Lucy because she will probably be expected to be dressed ridiculously warmly no matter where, this time of year. It will be a really hard time of year to pack for, though, you are right! You are going to have to maximize your luggage allowances!

Rachel said...

I can't believe you're leaving in just one week!!! We will be all over Vietnam, too. I'm going to bring mostly warm weather clothes and probably just a couple pairs of long pants and long sleeved shirts and a light jacket. By the time we're in Hanoi, the trip will almost be over & I'll probably not care how I look/smell anymore! ha ha :)

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I'm sorry about being sick! We're all getting various sicknesses too.
I can't wait to hear all about your trip!! It will be the best Christmas ever!

dimari said...

I don't comment muchJust to wish you a safe trip,also if you haven't see it theres some families rigth know in vietnam and they are in,check up faith lien journal she gives a lot of info that can be useful for you.
Hope you feel better for next week and
happy holidays.
journey to sarah

mellow & yellow said...

Breathe deep, Kelly.
You have lots of people praying for you on your journey.
Be easier on yourself. You are learning as you go. If you forget to pack anything you always get it in Vietnam.
I cannot believe that Lucy is finally coming home. I first saw your wesite at U had never even heard od blogging before that. Know that you have inspired me and lifted my spirit for my wait.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Kelly, I CANNOT believe that you have both gotten sick! That is awful! But, so much better to be sick now than when you get there or get home. I was having flashbacks of Nicki's blog while she was in Vietnam sick as she could be. Load up on vitamans and those antibiotics!!

It's unbelievable that you are in the SINGLE DIGIT countdown! I saw a couple at breakfast this morning with a beautiful little girl from Vietnam and I tried to tell them my friend was leaving in one week to pick up her baby but my eyes welled up and I got all choked up and couldn't finish. They thought I was a total freak. I'm just so happy for you it brings me to tears! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

Feel better fast!

Crystal said...

One week till you get your baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!--OOOOOH my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better!!!!!! I will say some prayers for you!!!--I cannot wait to see your pictures when you get back!!!!!! ps--Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!! I can't wait to follow your journey!!!

LaLa said...

Sorry you are feeling bad...but you are leaving SOON!!! YAY
Don't overpack..just wear the same stuff should see how bad I look in our pics from China..but Annslee looked cute and that is all that mattered LOL

Heather said...

I'm so jealous that you will actually have some "cool" weather while you are there. I must have lost a 100 lbs in sweat alone - lol! Pack light - it is really easy to get laundry done in the hotels. With all the travel, you will regret over-packing.

jenn said...

So far as packing goes, layering is the key. I've only been in Hanoi and wish I had brought more "layerable items" One day will be very warm, the next cool and then there is the infamouse and most popular one where it starts of cool and misty and then the sun comes pouring out and heats the place up real nice. If you have "layerable" put the warmer layers in the bottom of your suitcase as you likely will not need it in the south.
Things I had Brian send with my dad:
more layerables
extra batteries for camera
baby meds I forgot
napkins (for room service & pizza)
more snacks for dad and I

You can find most things here in Hanoi...pringles, coca cola, pb, jelly, ramen noodle type things as well as dish soap, shampoo, baby wash...all brand names too like Johnson's lavendar bath and lotion for babies, deoderant and hair stuff for women, everything. So if you need to save a bit of space, bring travel sizes to get you through a few days and plan on going to the store.

KelleyO said...

Kelly, if you get a chance could you email me please? I have a question for you.

Jenn said... exciting to be leaving in less than a week now! hope you're recovering from your illness. have safe travels!

Jenn said... exciting to be leaving in less than a week now! hope you're recovering from your illness. have safe travels!

Destination Motherhood said...

Get better! You got packing to do :) Hope you feel better really soon

Sara said...

You should post some pictures of your overflowing bags! Also, I'd love to see whatever you are planning to wear at the G&R, plus what you plan to put Lucy in!
Sara :)

Anonymous said...

I was worried about the weather differences too, but it turned out to be HOT everywhere. Not sure if it's much cooler in January, but I think their definition of "cool" and mine were miles apart!

Hope you feel better soon and can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Vietnam!

Ann said...

It's not that far off. I'm so excited for you. I hope you feel better soon.

mellow & yellow said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Best wishes as you embark on the final lag of your journey! Can't wait to see you three together as a family at last!

Emily said...

2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo said...

Have a great trip and enjoy Lucy..

Anonymous said...

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