Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hey everybody! We have some new pics of Lucy from Kelly. She was able to upload some to Flicker, so be sure to click on that Flicker icon to the right & watch the slideshow. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Movie star beautiful. Ohmigod, we are all dying. Even prettier than we knew she would be! I'm going to post some on here, as well!

I apologize for the spacing on the pics. This is all brand-new for me! What a little angel!


Christina said...

She is just beautiful! Congrats again Kelly and Justin!

Carolyn said...

Wow! What a beautiful little girl (and family)! Congratulations! We have been dying here waiting for updates!

kate carter said...

oh my gooosh!!!! i am sitting here just crying looking at her!!! she is going to be a model!!!! she is just to die for! her eyes are mesmorizing..her skin just perfect and her nose and mouth are just the sweetest ever! the happiness and joy is just beaming from you all! i love that she is a little monkey in that bed! she does a really good pointed toe on those bars!
i can't wait for her and liza to play! her hats are the cutest!
hurry hurry and please come home so we can give that baby some sugar!!!
oh ya--her butt is the cutest thing i have ever seen--and she is looking back in that picture like she knows it! too cute!
love you all so much!
i still think and pray for you all every minute of the day!

Liz said...


She is stunning. STUNNING. Not expecting new pictures until after the new year, I gasped when I opened the page. I'm shedding tears of happiness for you guys right now! Stephen is totally taken with her as well. We've been talking about you and thinking of you all day. Kelly, you are beaming. Even if she prefers to be naked, she's a beautiful hat model. Any princess knows it's not about the outfit, it's about the accessories!

We love you guys!!
Liz & Stephen

Destination Motherhood said...

She is soo sweet, what a cutie! Look at all that hair. Congratulations on your new addition :)

Susan said...

How wonderful to see all the great photos! What a beautiful baby girl.

Jo said...

You guys look so happy. Lucy is to cute.

Sara said...

Kelly & Justin!
Wow! The pictures I have been longing to see. She is so beautiful -- the most amazing little face! And I don't know if it's a birthmark, but it looks like a kiss mark on her bum. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Be well and safe and happy...we're thinking about you every step of the way.
Sara :)

Nicki said...

She is just perfect, Kelly! You must be just overjoyed!! Ok, now fess up, where did you get that awesome hat! I must have one!!! Keep the pictures coming - we can't get enough!

Jenny and Matt said...

She is beautiful!!!

mommy magallanes said...

Omygoodness! What a little princess. She's beautiful. I'm so happy for you two.

Sarah said...

Lucy is so very cute and I love, love the hat on her. It's is simply wonderful to see Kelly and Justin holding her. Their smiles say it all. Thanks for keeping us updated.

KelleyO said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! She has such delicate features, I love her hair. I love her hats, very stylish! Congrats guys!

ashley steel said...

oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!!! i know you guys are so happy!! she really is beautiful!

Britney said...

Kelly and Justin,

Maddie and I have just finished looking at the pictures of Lucy. We think she is a doll! Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. We can't wait to see her in person!

Love-Brit and Maddie Mai

Shawna said...


I just love her so much already!! And we all know Miss Liza is going to be jealous of that Fringe on Top--how adorable is that hat? Kelly, the pictures of both you and Justin with Miss Lucy brought tears to my eyes...I've never seen such happy and proud parents!

Ann said...

Lucy is gorgeous. I've been reading even if I hadn't been leaving comments. I was showing hubby her pictures from your flicker badge. She's so cute.