Friday, December 29, 2006

Just IM'd with Kelly

Hi everybody! It's Holly again.

The entire fam just had a big chat with Kelly & Justin over AIM. The Internet is still crazy - they confirmed it is because of the earthquake in Taipei. We are only able to Instant Message with them. They are going to be in Denang until January 1st - when they leave for Ho Chi Minh City. I'm sorry if I spell any of this wrong! Apparently, Lucy is not crazy about the hotel room, and she does much better when they are up & about. They bought an umbrella stroller, and she loves strolling around the hotel. Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible, so they haven't been able to do much trips to the beach or into town. Kelly said they were hoping to get to go into town today. They just ate breakfast & were talking to us from the lobby. Lucy had just fallen asleep in the stroller! So cute.

This is going to be kind of rambling, but I want to fill everyone in on all that she told us. Kelly told us that she thinks Lucy is having the hardest time adjusting out of the four babies in their group (one other girl & one boy came from the same orphanage as Lucy; I'm not sure where the other is from). They really think it is because she is so attached to her caregiver. Their first night, Lucy cried for two hours straight, but then she slept for six hours straight...which I thought was really good! She hates the metal crib in the room, and she is sleeping in the bed with Kelly & Justin. Kelly said she slept much better the second night & got lots of sleep. She was dehydrated at first, as well, and she wasn't wanting to take her bottle, but she is already doing much better with that. They gave her some of the kaoelectrolyte drink, and Lucy loved that...and since then, she's been taking her bottle every 3-4 hours. Kelly said Lucy took a bottle at 8 last night, was asleep by 9, took another bottle at midnight & at 4...and then slept until 6:30. They thought that was great!

As we all know, Lucy has more clothes in her closet than I probably I asked her about how many outfits she has worn. This is the funny part - Kelly said that Lucy prefers to be naked, so whenever they are in their hotel room, they let her play in her diaper! She said it figures since she has so many clothes! So, not that many outfit changes! She says that a lot of the clothes they brought are too big, and the three-month outfits fit the best. They do say that she likes all of the hats she has been wearing. Her hair is longer & still the cute mushroom!!!!! Kelly said her hair was crazy & so cute! Lucy has been smiling and cooing at Kelly & Justin, but they say she has also been really fussy - missing her nanny a lot. No bows yet - but she thinks they will try a barrette today!

Kelly also said she thinks Lucy will totally be a daddy's girl. She said she loves Justin so much and that his whiskers don't even bother her. He walks her all around the hotel, and she just loves it!

One last thing...we asked about the G&R ceremony. I'm just going to paste in what she said about it: "The G&R was really quick and over before we knew it. They told us to take good care of the babies and always teach them about Vietnam, etc. Then they called each family up one at a time and handed you the baby and that was it. We cried because the nanny was there and she was crying her head off. She kept taking the babies back and loving on them. It was seriously heart breaking." This nanny seriously breaks my heart; what an amazing woman!

They haven't tried to speak any Vietnamese yet, because she said it is so hard. Everyone at their hotel pretty much speaks English.

Okay, I think that is all I have to report. Just wanted to keep everyone informed. I told her how everyone was going crazy for an update, and she wants me to keep updating for y'all! She sends her love to everyone! She really sounds so happy! OF COURSE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Holly! We are all so excited to get the updates! I can't wait to see that crazy mushroom hair, and that is so wonderful that Lucy has been so well cared for by that sweet nanny! Kelly and Justin, I am just so happy for you guys!!!

KelleyO said...

Thanks for the update! She sounds adorable.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the update!!

Kelly, (if you get to read this) Ava had a really hard initial adjustment as well. She was very attached to her nanny and she cried a LOT the first several hours she was with us. But it was only the initial adjustment and we have had no attachment issues at all! :)

RollerCoaster said...

Thank you for the update! I am so happy for everyone and sad for the nanny. I am glad Lucy appears to be adjusting as best as she can!

Sara said...

Thanks SO much, Holly. I have never met your sister but I sure feel like I have. Our daughthers have the same first AND middle names -- both are Miss Lucy Elise. Please send my love to Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so fun to hear some of the details! Thanks Holly! Lucy sounds a lot like my 4th little guy we adopted in 2002. He HATED being back in the hotel room and would just scream and scream for hours. But when we were out and about he was this calm laid back baby. He loved seeing the sights. Once we were back home he'd never sleep in the car....still rarely does. No matter how tired he is, he'd rather stay awake and gaze out the window at the sights! My other kids all fall asleep the second you get going in the car.

Anyhow, Lucy sounds like a sweetie. How sad that she is having a hard time adjusting, but it's wonderful that she was so well attached to her caretaker.

Stepping On Legos said...

We just live for these little details and updates! Thanks Holly and family for the updates! Kelly, it is hard but it is such a good thing that Lucy was so attached. It will get easier and very soon it will be you she won't let out of her sight! Addison was also totally consumed with Tony while we were in Vietnam. It was great for him and now she's more of a mama's girl so it was nice. I can not WAIT to see pictures!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Hi All,
Sherri, who is in Vietnam with Kelly, Justin and Lucy, has posted on her blog:
She mentions handing her baby (Gracie) to Justin and also that she went into town with Kelly, Justin and Lucy. Thought everyone might like to read this!

saucygoat said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Can't wait to see pictures. I'm so happy for you.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update Holly! Congratulations Justin and Kelly!
It's wonderful to hear all the details about Lucy's first few days. Can't wait to see new pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update Holly! Sounds as though Lucy has been really loved in Vietnam but she doesn't even know about all the love she is going to get when she gets to the US! Can't wait to see that precious girl! Kelly and Justin, what a blessing for the New Year to have your baby girl! love you guys and miss you tons, Stacey and Adam

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! i am totally freaking out right now reading this update and looking at the pictures!!!! thank you holly for keeping us all posted. i have been thinking about them everyday and can't wait for them to get home! lucy is too cute!!!! love, kathy

Anonymous said...

aunt cayce, uncle adam and cousin austen are so excited to meet lucy. we cannot wait. she is soooooo precious. you are a beautiful family. we love you lots and we are thinking about yall everyday. mom and dad keep us posted well when you call. hope to hear from you soon.