Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still Here, Still Waiting

I thought for sure by this time I would be announcing our referral - no such luck. We are still waiting and waiting. It has overtaken my life and is all that I can think about. I have dreams almost every night about getting "The Call". Usually in the dreams I am woken up at 5 in the morning with a call from the foreign rep of our agency (whom I have never spoken to, by the way), and he says, "Kelly, we have your referral." Then I say, "OK, thanks." Then I just hang up. That is it - I don't ask her name, her age, her weight, where she is located. I ask NOTHING. I wake up from this dream in a panic and check every phone in the house just to make sure that it wasn't real. Of course, it never is. I will tell you this, we have been told to expect our referral in September and the month is rapidly coming to an end. There are not that many days left in September. I have emailed my agency this morning, so hopefully I will at least get some sort of update today.

The other day as I sat and thought about the amount of time we have been waiting, I started to get really down. I then thought about how when we do get our referral, a new wait begins, and this time we know what our Lucy looks like and where she lives. The wait for travel will be agonizing to me. The wait for referral sucks, but to me the anticipation of travelling to actually get our baby seems worse. Hopefully that won't be the case. I have A LOT to do before we bring Lucy home - so I am praying that a referral will motivate me. The waiting at this point seems neverending. Lucy, where are you honey???

To lighten the mood a bit, my little sister showed me this video the other day and I must admit it is awesome!! It makes me smile. I am sure many of you have seen this, but if not, watch it. It is greatness. We are talking about an insane amount of practice here. It paid off for these guys - they got to do this on the MTV Video Music Awards.


Stepping On Legos said...

First of all, that IS greatness! I so wanna be in a treadmill dance troop now! haha! Brilliant!

So sorry about the wait, truly. I know how horrible it is. Agonizing, torturous. Hang in there. I hope the call comes tonight! Right after the series permier of Grey's Anatomy. haha.

Jenny said...

I am right there with you. The anticipation is killing me. KILLING ME. I feel like I am going insane.

I can't wait for your news, I need some good news and a referral would be wonderful!!!

Yeah, watch Greys Anatomy...that is what I will be doing!

Sara said...

Hi Kelly,
It's the mother of the "other" Lucy Elise here! I told my husband all about your story and this morning he asked me how the mother of Lucy Elise in Texas was doing and he told our little Lucy Elise (8 months old this week!) that it's just her and one other Lucy Elise (yours) in the world! I think I came across another one at some point, though. Anyway we are thinking about you and can't wait to hear some good news. You know, what you are going through now is very similar to what a pregnant woman goes through -- the waiting, not knowing when your baby will come, what your baby will look like, etc. So try to think of it that way and maybe it will help! I saw an adoption t-shirt at a store here in Boston recently that said "Pregnant on Paper" -- a very cool thought for you!

Ann said...

Yeah this waiting bites. And we have a long wait still to go. But in the end you will have your little Lucy and the wait will be long forgotten(or so people tell me). Now there are still 9 days left in Sept. So don't give up hope yet. I'm crossing fingers for you. And the video...Too funny.

Carolyn said...

Come on...VORF....give Kelly her referral NOW!!!

Great video. Wish I could do that kind of stuff.

Another Grey's Anatomy addict here. Can't wait for that either!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!! When you get down about the wait just think of the families in the China program. They are waiting 14 months or so for just the referral. ugh! It will be worth all the wait when you get her or him. :-()


Anonymous said...

You just cheered me up this morning so much! I love the video. I am so glad there are these awesome creative people in the world that would think of such craziness.

I know the WAIT is SO hard, but your referral is coming soon!! I had the dreams too. I can't wait to hear your news!

Kelly said...

Hang in there, we are all rooting for you and sending "speed up" thoughts to your agency!

Suz said...

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