Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I had a wonderful time in Arkansas this past weekend. It was so great to see so many of my friends that I rarely get to see anymore. I miss them all dearly. The Razorbacks lost, which was not good at all. Of course, we were playing USC, so most people didn't ever think that we had a chance. I absolutely LOVE football season, and I am so happy that it is that time of year again.

It rained the whole drive home, which was no fun at all. I HATE driving in the rain. It is really the other drivers who scare me so badly. It has been so miserably hot in Texas all summer, that the rain was such a nice break - once I was safely back at home. We had 20 days in a row of 102+ temperatures, and it feels so awesome outside now that it has cooled off some. Seriously, the low nineties feel like fall since it has been so stinkin hot.

For those of you who remember about the stray cats in our alley that I have posted about, I thought I would give you an update. The people at the non-profit organization have been SOOOO busy right now, that we have still not been able to get them to let us borrow the traps to catch some of the adult cats. So, we have just been continuing to feed them. We knew that several had had their litters, but we didn't know where the babies were or how to find them. Well, on Thursday of last week, one of the itty bitty babies was caught in a chain link fence. We got him free and he is now the precious pet of my neighbor's mom. He is SOOO little and he has to be fed with a bottle. It is seriously the cutest thing to see this pumpkin drink the kitty milk from the bottle. He is doing SOOO well and now he doesn't have to grow up in the alley! YEAH!!

So that was success story number 1. Well, Monday, my neighbor calls and says that she just got back in town, and that one of the mommas has had a litter between her fence and her neighbors. One of the kittens was out in her yard. She could only see the mom's head under the fence. She put the baby back by the mom, because this kitten was so young - only a few days old, eyes still closed. It was pouring rain, and the mom didn't move the kitten so my neighbor brought the baby girl in to her house. Now she too is drinking out of a bottle and thriving. It is amazing to me how well these baby baby kittens can do with a bottle and some human attention. So now two kittens are going to be in homes and spayed or neutered instead of living a wild life in our alley. I am feeling pretty happy about this. I will take some pictures tonight if I remember. Now, if we could only find the other kittens. We looked forever in the rain for the momma cat and her kittens, but she moved them when we were inside with the little one that we caught.

I wanted to say a major CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Broccoli Guy!! I am thrilled for you and the approval of your son's dossier. It was about time!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!


Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Hey Kelly,
Thanks for the congrats. And thanks for all the support and prayers too. :-) I hope you will be posting good news of your own VERY soon!

That's great about the kittens. I tried to catch a stray kitten once and it just wouldn't be caught. So sad and frustrating. It's good those cats don't live near me, I'm a sucker for kittens ... we have 4 cats and B~ has made me promise there will be no more. :-p

jeneflower said...

I driving in the rain too. I mean REALLY it. I will never move to Seattle. Unless of course the Army sends us there.

Anyway, that is great the kittens are getting the attention and care they need. I bet they look so cute!

Mia's Mommy said...

How sweet! Kittens are the cutest!

mom23 said...

Where are you? Where is the adoption at? What place are you guys now in your agency's waiting list?