Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prison Break

I actually have something quite exciting to report today. Yesterday, the show Prison Break was filming at my next door neighbors house!! I have never seen this show, but apparently they are filming this whole season in Dallas. It was so cool to see. There were about 10 guys in FBI uniforms carrying around enormous guns. They did a scene where 4 police/FBI cars would come racing up to the front of the house and skid into place and then all of the men with guns would pile out of the car and surround the house. It was so crazy. We watched for a couple of hours. It was quite the production. They were filming the 7th episode of the season and last night episode 2 was on.

You may be wondering, why were they shooting at my neighbors house? Apparently, one of the producers saw his house and said that his front porch looked very similar to one that they used in the first season, so they knocked on his door and asked if they could use his house. Isn't that crazy??!! I sure do wish that they would have needed my house!! We live directly next door. So, here are some pictures to show you the excitement:

Here are the FBI guys getting out of the car and surrounding the house

More FBI guys with huge scary guns

The director and the Prison Break director's chairs - you can see the back of the guy that yelled, "Rolling, Action!!"

The front porch where all of the action went down

All of the gear set up in the street - my street was closed down for the entire day. There was so much stuff and they packed it up and were out of there in about 2 seconds when they were done.

Some more of the crew and you can see the FBI actors in the background

Actor William Fichtner - he was in Invasion and Armagedon - he was so nice and was playing with one of our neighbor's baby.

So, that is my excitement for the moment. I thought is was pretty great to be so up close and get to see all of the action. I am going to have to start watching the show now.


Anonymous said...

That is cool! I haven't watched the show either, but seeing the process is always interesting.

Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Wow, that is serious excitement! I remember that actor from way back when he was on As The World Turns. (I'm a slightly reformed soap junky...)

Carolyn said...

Wow! That sounds like a lot of excitement! I hear that's a great show.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! That's so cool! I've not watched the show, but now I'll have to. Remind me to tell you how I LOVE men in uniform...especially Police & FBI. :-)

Stacey said...

That is so exciting!!!!!

Mia's Mommy said...

Oh cool; boy you never know who's driving by and what they're looking at! I've never seen the show but I'll be looking for it now. I've heard of things happening like that before with homes in neighborhoods being used as movie/tv sets but I never knew it was really true! I guess that's one reason to always keep your house clean!


Melanie said...

How cool is that. I *love* Prison Break. It will be so neat to say, 'my online friend has this neighbor...' well, that will sound unbelievable. But, anyway, how neat.

Anonymous said...

That would have been SO cool! I used to think about what if so and so famous person just decided to knock on my door. I guess it was a little more exciting when I was younger, but I would have loved to be in a neighborhood where they were shooting a show- it would be fun to watch.

Ann said...

i saw this last week when I was crusing blogs at work...shhhh!! This is too cool. I don't watch the show, but I hear there are some hotties on there.