Thursday, August 03, 2006

Live Journal

Okay, about this website. I joined it so that I could read some people's entries. I have 3 whole friends who have me as a friend as well. I want to say something about this site - I DO NOT LIKE IT! I feel like a complete idiot everytime that I am on it. I would like to be your friend though. I am kellylfred on there. I like to read what you all have to say, but I can't keep another online journal/blog, especially on a website that I have such difficulty getting around. Maybe some of you could help me. I can do the one and only thing that I am on there for - to read my friends entries, however, no one ever posts on there so what is the point? HELP!

Not much going on around here. Can't wait for the weekend.


Christina said...

Kelly - I'm with you, I prefer blogger (though it's far from perfect too). I just use LJ for posting pictures and stuff that I don't want on a public blog - I only have like 3 "friends" on LJ so it's a very safe place.

Robinson 4 said...

I agree. I HATE LJ. It's terrible. It's not user friendly what-so-ever. There haven't been posts in a couple days but generally there are always post on there from the 3 of us. Maybe it's not coming up for you? Email me if you really want some help. Otherwise forget I mentioned it...I seem to have stuck a nerve. Sorry.

Nicki said...

I hear ya sistah! That is why I went back to doing almost all my blogging here. Livejournal reminds me too much of Myspace, another place I can't stand.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Kelly said...

Nicole - You didn't strike a nerve at all. Just thought I would explain a bit my feelings on that site.

Shelly W. (adoptingson) said...

I have to laugh because I don't even know what "Live Journal" is. I'm just now getting the hang of updating my totally user friendly website.