Friday, August 25, 2006

I've Been Tagged

So, I am supposed to write 5 interesting things about myself. This is hard for me - I am pretty plain Jane.

1. I went to an all girls Catholic high school where our uniform was basically the exact one that Britney Spears is wearing in the Hit Me Baby One More Time video - of course, we didn't tie our shirts up exposing our stomachs. By the way, I loved high school.

2. I am a compulsive organizer. I LOVE organizing almost anything. The label maker is my best friend. I label everything. This is sick, but putting together our dossier was fun to me.

3. I LOVE holidays, with Christmas being at the very top of my list. Our house throws up Christmas and it puts me in a constant state of bliss. I start asking Justin if we can get our stuff out right after Halloween. Of course he doesn't let me, but if I start begging early enough, it is always up at least a week or two before Thanksgiving. Last year I asked so many times that he finally agreed to let me at least get it all out in the guest room and look at it, but not put it up - since it was November 1st. I finally convinced Justin that we need two Christmas trees. I LOVE IT and it is making me giddy right now. Here is some of our stuff:

Our mantle with Justin and I's stockings and of course Bruiser and Bianca have one as well.

Our living room tree - this is the BIG one!! It is only allowed to have red, white, and silver ornaments on it. As you can see, I have ruined most of our walls hanging everything I can find on the walls.

The kitchen - this tree is the FUN one - blue, green, purple, and gold. Sorry about the picture being blurry. I hate that.

Justin and I before our annual huge Christmas party.

Okay, I have gotten totally distracted from the tag, so I will get back on subject here.

4. I have 3 sisters and I am the second in line. They are all beautiful and wonderful!! I am so lucky to have them. I swear I have the best family. They love holidays almost as much as me.

5. I am completely addicted to reality TV. I know, this is sad, but I can't seem to get enough. In fact, the trashier, the better as far as I am concerned. Most MTV shows are at the top of my list. Some of my faves aren't trashy though - like Project Runway which is a GREAT show!! I was devastated when Meet the Barkers didn't make it!!!! This is a sad little pitiful life that I live.

*So there are my interesting facts. I tried to be as creative as possible, but as we all can see, it is not too interesting. Now, I do not at all appreciate the complete and total lack of comments on this blog lately. Let's step it up a notch ladies.


Anonymous said...

plain jane-HA! I have been following your blog because I was somewhat interested in Vietnam. I was so sad to see that you all had come so far and had to stop. You must be a patient I check in with hope that you are on the list again. Hopefully soon!!

Good luck! Gina

Sherri Puckett said...

You are so NOT plain. Your shoes are too beautiful to be worn by a plain girl. My dog Ellie has a Christmas stocking shaped like a bone.

Take care, Sherri

mommy magallanes said...

Omygoodness! I LOVE trashy MTV reality shows!!!!!!! They're the best.

See. Now I will go run and tell my husband that I am not alone. haha!

EHCOREY said...

i am right there with you on christmas. the worst day of the year is december 26th b/c i know i have to wait an entire year before it comes around again.
i mean, there is nothing better than the smell of a christmas tree in your house:)

Christina said...

Your line at the bottom about comments cracked me up. I feel like that too. Isn't it funny how much we need those comments?

I wish you could come here and do my house at Christmas. I like some of the decorating but I get sick of it before I'm even done and then I *hate* undecorating. And you do such a nice job too - very beautiful!!

Noelle said...

Hey, I have those same PB stockings!! I have 3, one for me and two for my cats. They are great aren't they :) Christmas is by far the BEST time of the year.

I have been following your blog for a while and I certainly don't consider you a 'plain' jane! I find your posts interesting and I always love to see the pics you post:)

jeneflower said...

I love Christmas too. I am just exactly like you. Our Christmas stuff is up the day after Thanksgiving every year, but I start the music in September. It makes M crazy.