Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Girl

Here are lots of pictures of my happy girl from the past couple of days. Thanks for all of the anniversary shout outs!!

All Smiles
She has never fallen asleep like this out of her bed before. It was so cute.
Where's Lucy?
Here I am!!

Here are some new one's from my idea of "From Lucy's Eyes"
These are maybe the cutest shoes I have ever bought her. They are from Target and were already almost sold out, which is why she got a size 7, but I think by this summer, they will fit fine.
Sippy cup
The ever fun and exciting, musical instruments

And finally, this is a frightening picture of me screaming in frustration for those of you waiting for your I-600 approvals who did not get them, even though you have reached the maximum of 60 days. I am so sorry for all of you. I would love to see lots of people do this - post a picture of yourself or your child screaming. Maybe if we can make enough "noise", the approvals will come!! I pray for you all every single night. (I can't believe that I am posting this scary picture of myself, but I am hoping it will make those of you waiting smile and feel a little better, even if it is only for a few seconds!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
I know you were wanting to put your blog into book form. A friend of mine did just that using this website: Thought you might want to check it out.

Kerry said...

Lucy is beautiful, and you are awesome for posting that photo of yourself :)

Sara said...

What a treat to see so many new postings and pictures of Miss Lucy! I need to buy a digital SLR camera because the pictures they take are amazing (and you have an amazing little subject in Lucy).

And I love you wedding post -- Happy Anniversary! My parents (in 1969) got married 2 days after Christmas and my mom had lots of bridesmaids in dark red dresses, so it reminds me of that (not that I was there, of course!) I think that this year on my anniversary in April I will do a similar post -- 3 year anniversary, 2 kids...that will be something to write about!

Nancy said...

I'm with you in spirit for the screaming pics. ;)

mam said...

You crack me up!

Jake and Taryn said...

Lucy is absolutely ADORABLE!! :)

Stepping On Legos said...

oooh - that black and white is my favorite! It's great!!!!!! I'll have to see what I can come up with for a yelling picture! Great idea!

Shawna said...

Kelly, your hair is super cute cut that short! Those pics of Lucy are BEAUTIFUL!

Kate said...

I love the photo of Lucy with your mom(?). Love the cheesy smile!

The screaming photo is a riot...aaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Josh and Marcie said...

I first saw your video of little Lucy on You tube and imediately fell in love with her. What a beautiful and precious little girl. Every time I have my down days waiting for my little one, I watch the precious videos. Thank you for the continous prayers and wonderful picture of you screaming.

Kathryn said...

screaming picture - awesome.

Carissa said...

I love the sleeping picture and the shoes! Adorable!

Kate said...

it looks so good in here! i like this one better than mine!!!!!!!! dang it!

Emily said...

1. love the new blog
2. love the pictures of lucy
3. DYING OVer thelast pic!!! ha...i am so going to follow your lead

Susan said...

Kelly, I think these are some of your best photos yet! You're really getting good with that camera.

Rachel said...

LOVE the last pic! You are too great! I'm loving the new blog look, btw.