Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Girl Has a Major Attitude

Lucy and I went and visited some of our best friends this weekend. We stayed with Kate, Liza, and Jason. Lucy has developed quite the little attitude in the past couple of weeks. She took quite a while to open up and play nicely with Liza. When we first got there, she didn't want Liza to touch anything that she had, she was quick to swing her arms/hit, and she was just grouchy. By the evening, she had really gotten more comfortable and showed everyone that she can be a sweet girl and play with others. It is frustrating when she is being mean to other kids and doesn't want anyone to get near her. I want her to show people how much fun she is and how sweet she is, but she rarely does right now unless she is in an environment that she is very comfortable in. I am really working with her on these things, but it is hard. Thankfully, Liza was quick to forgive and move on. I think she was a little taken aback by Lucy's tactics. I hope she outgrows these issues soon. I hope that I am doing a good job mothering her so that these things don't get out of hand. Any suggestions are welcome. Right now I just use time out and talking her through the inappropriate actions.

We got to meet Baby Cy yesterday. He was the most precious baby. He slept the whole evening and let me hold and love on him most of the night while the girls visited. Lucy was interested in the baby when they first got there, but then she just went about her business. She did not fuss one time about me holding him, which was a very nice change for her. They got there once Lucy had opened up some and was being fun.

As I said, the past couple of weeks have brought out a whole new side of Lucy. Her VERY favorite word is NO!!!!!! She says it all of the time. And it is not just a simple no, it is a yelling, bratty NO! I know this is totally normal for a child her age, but it is just frustrating at times. We are working on manners. She is such a strong willed, opinionated little thing. My mom says I am getting my pay back!! The teenage years are going to be very interesting!!!! I know she will get past this stage. She is just testing every boundary that has ever been set for her. She has that sassy girl attitude down pat.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend. I didn't get many good ones, which makes me sad.

The girls checking out the amazing sunset!

This is what they did when we wanted to get a picture of them together. No such luck.

Checking out baby Cy

Sleeping baby Cy

Some really cute ones of Liza

I am really praying that this week brings some more I600 approvals!! Emily, this is your week!! I know there are so many others waiting. I pray for your approvals every night.


Jenny said...

Oh god, now you know how I feel. We have smack down all the time. We don't have no yet (I have no idea why!) but we have hitting, pushing, hair pulling, biting, possessive behaiour all the time and it stinks. There is nothing you can do but tell them no, distract them, move them from the situation and hope they grow out of it quickly. I mean my girls have to share all the time and they know that and they still do it. It is a phase, it will pass but it SUCKS!

And we just went down and used our present from the in-laws to frame our painting from Viet Nam, yeah it costs alot, I still have 5 more things to frame, we did a bunch last year and it cost an arm and a leg. I can't wait for pics of yours, I will post one of ours as well....

Come on Em's I600!!!! I think everyone in the Vietnamese adoption community is pulling for her!

Stepping On Legos said...

Here's a little parenting secret that NO book or other parent will tell you but I will be the brave one! NONE OF IT MATTERS! Wanna know what I do when Addy acts bratty? I crack the heck up! LOL I was soooo serious about the awful behavior when Dalton was little but I think you eventually learn that no matter HOW you handle it - whether you do nothing, distract, do time-outs, get mad, or crack up....they still outgrow it at about the same pace.

So try not to fall into that trap of feeling like you will ruin her forever if you don't figure out how to reign in her attitude now. You won't ever figure it out and you won't ever ruin her! You are a great mama! And it will pass and be replaced with other obnoxious things that you also won't be able to fix or change despite what all the books make you think! haha.

Susan said...

Ooooohhhhh, I think Petunia is going to follow in Lucy's footsteps on this one. Talk about opinionated! Geez!

Well, when you find something that works for her, please let me know so I can try it at my house.

I keep telling myself that I'm really happy Petunia's opinionated and independent and knows what she wants. Sometimes, though, it makes me nuts. Good luck -- keep us posted.

mam said...

Wow, Lucy's gorgeous as always (almost as gorgeous as that sunset) but her friend Liza couldn't be more stunning either. And I love her lip-print smock! My Lu -- Lu2 -- hasn't hit the possessive stage yet but she does get quite bratty at meals, looking me straight in the eye and throwing her food on the floor. Drives me nuts...but that's what dogs are for, I guess.

Amber said...

Kelly, it was so much fun getting to play with you and Lucy when y'all were here. I really wish that y'all lived closer so that we could do that more often! We miss you already!

Carissa74 said...

What great pictures! Oh how I dread those terrible twos! Lucy looks so cute in her pictures, I would be so sure that she is the sweetest little thing!

Norah said...

You take wonderful pictures! Very talented. My daughter just started using NOOOWAH...translation = NO!!!
Lucy is a beauty.

Lynn said...

The word "no" has so many connotations for a toddler, and can be said in so many ways. With my daughter, "no" was like the Eskimo words for "snow" as all the NO's were different. It took SO long for her to use the word yes.

Hang in there, we are going thru the cry at every little thing stage in my house, and it's hard.

Kate said...

Kel!!! your pics are sooo good! You won!!! :) We had sooo much fun playing this weekend. Lucy is PERFECT and you are an amazinggggg mama!!!! I think they just like testing us! Welcome to the rest of our life, huh? :)