Monday, December 03, 2007

Talking Videos

Here are some videos of Miss Lucy talking. She has so many words and animals that I really can't keep up. I need to do better about keeping track of what she can say. I will say a word and she will just repeat it. It is amazing. Some of her most impressive recent words are flower (wow-wer), home, picture, christmas tree (kiss-mas tee), bubba (for Bruiser), sissy (for Bianca), boots, and many others that I am forgetting.

It looks like we are going to blow away in this video. Even if you just want to watch for a second, she says her Ho Ho Ho in the very beginning. I know I am so annoying in the video asking her to do stuff, but I really want to have it all on tape. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way, hence the saying no to most of my requests!

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Here are a few more words. She really likes to annunciate her consanants. It cracks us up!

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I found these ADORABLE boots at Target today. They made Lucy walk so funny when I first put them on her. She got used to them and can now walk normal, but she really had a hard time at first. If you love these boots, I will give you a fair warning, if your child has thick legs, you probably won't be able to get them zipped. Lucy's legs are really tiny, and they are tight.

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mam said...

I want I want I want to see the cute boots, but I can't get the picture/video to open! So sad.

But the other videos are great. I hate how they just won't perform on demand when you get the video camera out, will they?

Sara said...

Love it! I am the same way with the video camera...relentless! My Lucy will chat away and then clam up when I turn the camera on :)

Stepping On Legos said...

Addison LOVED that video with the boots - she thought it was hilarious! But why oh why are you buying your child snow boots, girl?!? haha. They are cute though!

I always feel like when I post videos that people will think I'm grilling my kid all day. I only do it for the videos! haha. How else could you capture such things? They are priceless!

E. said...

Cute boots. Ho ho ho! Love it!

Lee said...

100% adorable! BTW, that Santa is THE BEST! HO! HO! HOoooo!

Carolines Mommy said...

I love her and i dont ever get to see her. Shes the cutest thing ever. i cant wait to see yall at christmas!

Ryan and Heather said...

I love those boots, Lucy is so adorable

Rachel said...

What a cute little peanut. :) I had to watch the boots video a few times...I love that walk!

Carissa74 said...

Lucy is too cute!

Sarah & Seth said...

I love those boots!! What size is Lucy in? Sienna is barely in 3's so it is really hard to find cute shoes that aren't too big.

I tried some boots on her before (I didn't really like them but they were her size) and she cried and said, "OFF!!" We'll see.

Angel said...

I love the videos! And the boots!

Quick question: What kind of video camera do you use? I'm wanting to buy one that allows me to easily upload onto the computer, but I have no idea with all the different kinds! Feel free to email me at


The Crow's said...

Hi Kelly, It's me Christi. Lucy is as cute as ever. I have a question for you and I don't have your email address to ask. We are needing to do Jolea's ReAdoption and I can't find an attorney to use. Could you please refer me to a good attorney to do our ReAdoption??

Ann said...

That is so cute...ho.ho.ho. I could just eat her up. And lovin' her stylin' new boots too.