Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today was a wonderful day. Lucy had an absolute blast ripping into her presents. She got so much stuff. We are with my family and to say there were a lot of presents is such an understatement. She got a tea set, pretend food, tons of books, more boots, TMX Ernie and Cookie Monster, and the list goes on and on. Her cousin John got a play kitchen from Santa and I am pretty sure she thinks it is going home with us. She is going to be pretty upset when she realizes it is not.

She slept with Justin and I last night. It is the first time that she has done that with both of us since Vietnam. She has slept with me several times recently when Justin was out of town. But last night she snuggled in with both of us at about 1 am. She is normally in the nursery at my parent's and sleeps great, but baby Wyatt is in there, so she is in a weird room and a porta-crib. I knew she would wake up and it was just easier to throw her in bed with us. It was so sweet. Then today she fell asleep for her nap cuddled up with me. I just kept staring at her thinking about how blessed we are to have such an amazing child. Christmas was so special this year.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous day today! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Helping Papa put together John's kitchen

The CRAZY number of presents at my parent's house

Lucy hidden in the presents

Testing out her Rody horse

Lucy only caring about John's kitchen and none of her own toys

Excellent present opening skills

Wyatt slept through the entire present opening ordeal. It was really loud and he just snoozed away.

Lucy and John watching a new video

Wyatt is getting so big and he is all smiles!

These two are trouble together.


Stepping On Legos said...

Soooo cute! Looks like a very merry christmas! I think Lucy wants a kitchen!! haha

Carissa74 said...

Wow it looks as if everyone had a great time and possibly even found a gift for Lucy next year!

Lynn said...

LOVED the gingerbread hair bow. You should keep it, and put it on your tree next year as an ornament.

My daughter got the same pots and pans, kitchen stuff for Christmas, funny. However, she doesn't have a kitchen set either.

Lucy will love that tea set. We have it both at home and at church, and it's a big hit. Love to see other kids enjoying the same toys.

Enjoy Christmas week, and all the memories that come with it. Take tons of pictures!

mam said...

Glad you had such a great time with all your people!

jenn said...

Great photos. She will love the tea set. We've had ours for years now (I'm thinking four) and it never gets put away as it is always being played with. The older two stopped playing with it a couple months before the twins got interested in it.
Merry Christmas!

LaLa said...

What great pictures!!! Looks like Miss Lucy had a wonderful time : )

Sherri said...

Merry Christmas! I have been thinking about you all so much. Can you believe that we were in Vietnam this time last year? I am dying to see Lucy, she has changed so much. I would love to see you and Justin too. Let's get together soon.

Jenny said...

You soo need to get her a kitchen. THe girls got theirs and love it.

merry christmas and happy family day soon!