Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fun Times in Nashville

This is going to be very picture heavy. I have just gotten so many great shots these past couple of days. Wyatt is doing so well. They got to come home on Monday and he has been such an angel. I swear he sleeps ALL of the time. We all just snuggle with him all day long. It is really fun to put such a teeny tiny baby in the sling. You can't even tell he is in there because he is just so light and small.

Lucy and John have quite a few battles over toys. They are getting better though with the sharing. Neither of them are scared to stand their ground. John loves his little brother. When he wants him to wake up he says over and over, "Wyatt up!" Life is crazy around here because there are so many little ones around. My younger sister is a nanny and she has been bringing her 11 week old baby that she takes care of over as well. So, we have John, Lucy, Wyatt, and Lily. As I said, it is a bit of a zoo around here, but it is so much fun.

We got to spend some time on Saturday with Susan and Lily Ana. They were wonderful, as always. Sherri, we missed you and Gracie so so much. Lucy was a bit aggressive with Lily Ana. I am seeing all kinds of interesting new behaviors as she gets older. We are working on being nice to people. Yikes, I think we are starting the terrible 2's at age 14 months. HELP!! I wonder where she picks these things up. She can really be a little toot sometimes. We are working on it though.

Here come the pictures. There are a whole lot!

Lucy and Lily Ana sizing one another up.

Enjoying John's new jeep

Sweet momma and her baby boy

Lee Lee and Papa with all of their grandkids

Kissing the cat

A VERY typical face of Lucy

One of my favorites

Is this wagon too small for me?

Typical Vietnam squat


Could she be any more precious?


Susan said...

First of all, congrats on becoming an aunt again. The baby is precious, and I'm so glad John loves his little brother. We had a great time visiting with you and Lucy. Thanks for making some time for us while you were here visiting. I hate that my camera battery decided to die that day, but I'm so glad you got a few good shots of the two girls. We did miss Sherri and Gracie, didn't we?! Next time, okay?

I love all the other pictures you posted. Looks like that birthday present is a keeper! Sorry I didn't realize you just had a birthday -- missed your blog for a few days -- so happy belated birthday. Oh, and I noticed your watch while you were at the house. I would have told you how gorgeous it was, but we kept talking about babies. Go figure! LOL

Kristin said...

I am still laughing out loud at that wagon picture!! And, NO! She could not possibly be any cuter!

Sherri said...

I am so sorry that we missed you! I know that Lucy and Lily Ana have grown and changed so much since I have seen them. The new camera is awesome. I love the shots you are getting. Baby Wyatt is adorable. I hope that you will come back to see him soon. I am dying to see you all.

Grace loves sitting in her doll's wagon. She thinks it is hilarious and will resist if you try and get her out.

KelleyO said...

I love the picture of her "look"! Too funny! Congratulations Auntie!

LaLa said...

What a fun time. I wish we could have met up with you again but I know you needed some nephew time : ) Love all the new pics and the new camera loves Miss Lucy!!

Kate said...

I'll have to agree with the other comments...the wagon picture is hysterical!

BTW..I'm half Vietnamese. The "squat" is definitely a genetic trait! =)

Emily said...

great pictures. another baby in the wonderful! congrats to your sis.
lucy COULD NOT be any more precious!

Mary said...

She is just the cutest ever. I really enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning. Also, when you talked about your precious doggies...I totally feel the same about mine...4 maltese and 1 yorkie. They are my furry kids. Right of mine is very sick...and I'm so worried about him. I also worry about who will take care of them when my sister and I head to China and Vietnam for adoptions. Anyone out there care to take care of 5 crazy doggies. ;) Mary

stollmyheart said...

I too LOVE the wagon picture! As always, Lucy looks great! Sounds like you are having a great time in Nashville!

LawMommy said...

No, she really could not be any more precious. If she were any more precious, a person might explode from the preciousness.

I love the little dress with the green butterflies!


Anonymous said...

Your new camera? Perfection! Seriously Wyatt is just adorable and of course Miss Lucy is too! I may be in town on Monday, are you home yet? Drop me a line!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Lucy pictures and the one where she is looking up the sky is my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd - baby Wyatt is beautiful! Love "the face" on Lucy - what attitude!

Anonymous said...

I just can't get over the gorgeous curly locks on your nephew John! So adorable!

Lucy is as adorable as ever. She and Lily Ana are so sweet together. :)

A said...

I just LOVE looking at Lucy Pictures!