Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sick Baby Girl

Lucy has come down with a really horrible cold. She is hacking away and the snot is flowing constantly. She has her moments, but she is being a really great sport about feeling so crummy. On top of that, her teeth are still so clearly driving her crazy. She is drooling more than I have ever seen her drool. The second molar has come through, so she has both bottom molars and I can still feel the top ones, but they are not broken through. We both stayed in our pjs all day today. I hope she starts feeling better really soon.

Lucy had a really hard time while we were in Nashville. She was just not herself most of the time we were there. She was really fussy and clingy and slept terrible, to say the least. I don't know if she was overwhelmed by all of the activity that was going on or if she was just unsure of being in a new environment but whatever it was, she was not herself. She has gone right back to normal now that we are back at my parents, which she definitely considers her second home. I think that she is going to be someone who really has a hard time in loud and crowded situations. I am so used to loudness because in my family it is hard to get a word in edge wise. I need to remember that she might have a very different personality from what is the norm for me, and that is perfectly okay. I do hope that she will have an easier time since it is family, and we all want her to feel comfortable, but it is going to take her quite a bit more time to feel that comfort level, and again, I have come to the realization that this is okay.

She has some more words. She can say fish and shoes clearly now. I can understand when she says thank you and bless you - and most realize what she is saying, but it is not perfectly clear. She will try and say lots of other things - like dog, Bentley, Bailey, and Phoebe. I love watching her vocabulary expand. It is so neat.

Here are some pictures from today and a few from our last days in Nashville. Wyatt is doing so well and I miss him already.

Love those newborn chicken legs

Lookin cool in his shades

The precious brothers

This is a sequence of Lucy feeding Bianca her Goldfish - here she is laying a trail to lure Bianca in

Bianca is moving in

Now for the handoff

And we wonder why Bianca is getting a bit chubby

Still able to get a smile despite not feeling so well


Nicki said...

aww, the spark is gone out of her little eyes! I sure hope she feels better soon. Addy broke 3 molars last week and her forth is on the way. It is helllllllll!! I can't imagine traveling to an unfamiliar place AND dealing with a cold on top of it! I'd be out of sorts too. Glad you both had a PJ day!

Kristin said...

Poor Lucy! I hope she's feeling better soon...

Sherri said...

Lucy we hope you feel better soon! Grace is beginning to cute her molars and is drooling terrible, whiney, and clingy. I feel so awful, like she is expecting me to do something about this pain and just doesn't understand why I don't.

I can't wait to hear all of Lucy's new words.

Katherine, aka katedrew94 said...

Poor Lucy! I hope she is back to herself soon.

Bobby said...

Love keeping with with Lucy! We've only had out little girl, Lily home for about a 2 months now from VN. Teething has started and we've said bye bye sleeping for now! So we know how it feels. Hope Lucy gets to feeling better soon. I know when Lily is not feeling good no one hurts more us.

Carissa said...

I hope Lucy feels better soon. New words are always so much fun!

mommy magallanes said...

Poor baby. I hope Lucy feels better soon.

Sarah & Seth said...

Poor thing!! Sienna keeps getting cold after cold and there really is nothing we can do for her.

I am so glad that Sienna has cut all of her teeth until her two year molars-her first set made her drool and she had never done that before! My friend suggested getting a battery toothbrush and putting the oragel on it and then massaging the gums-we never tried as Sienna dislikes oragel with a passion!

Susan said...

So sorry Miss Lucy is feeling down and out. Petunia's been under the weather the past couple of days, too, but it wasn't a cold. I feel so horrible when little ones are sick.

Your nephews are just the cutest boys. I'm glad little Wyatt is doing well.

At the rate Lucy's going, it won't be long before Bianca is admitted to a fat farm! At least she's sharing with her little friend.

Hope Lucy is feeling better really soon!

rachel said...

Aw, poor baby. :( Those molars are a bugger! And at this age it's so difficult to figure out exactly what is going on in their little heads. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Julie said...

I hope Lucy is feeling back up to speed soon!

Heather said...

There's nothing harder than a sick baby. Something is going around here, too. Hang in there mom!

Laurie said...

Hope you guys are doing better and Lucy is feeling back to herself really soon.

Kimi said...

We messaged each other long ago and we were going to have a Lucy too. Our Lucy turned to a Max..God has blessed us so richly as He has you. Lucy is growing up fast....I love her BIG bows. When my daughter that is now 24, was a little one, she wore BIG bows too....Love em.

Kim from TX

Anonymous said...

hey lucy,...

hope your feeling better
must be horrible for you.
my name is lucy.
and i also feel sick...
its horribe,
we really relate

we have so much in common..
lets go out for tea some time. when you're feeling better of course :)