Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting Back on Track

I am so behind. Lucy and I are both feeling much better. She still has some congestion, but it is manageable and not puke inducing! Still only 2 molars with the other two making ridiculous amounts of drool. She is sleeping a million times better. She was in a bit of a funk for a while there and it was stressing me out. I just wanted to make her feel better, and I was having a really hard time doing that. I plan on writing about it, but not tonight. I am too tired.

We got to go to the state fair this week. The food was once again unbelievably gross to me - fried everything, such as fried latte, fried Cosmopolitan, fried Snickers, fried cookie dough, etc. Now, the corny dogs are right up my alley, its just all of the other stuff that freaks me out. I remember blogging last year when we went to the fair that we would be taking our 14 month old to the fair next year, which is just what we did. It was fun. She just took it all in. She LOVED the petting zoo. She has a lot animals that she imitates with actions now. One of them is the giraffe - we get a lot of our imitations from the book From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. Anyway, in the book it says that the giraffe bends its neck, and she loves to do this. When we walked in the children's animal part, a baby giraffe was there and before we even saw it, she was bending her neck and I knew a giraffe must be near. So cute. She can now meow, moo, and baa. She is still trying to say so many words, again most are not recognizable to anyone other than Justin and I. Some of her newest that are recognizable are - Christy (a very close friend and neighbor) - Lucy actually says Tisty and it is so adorable and hello. I am working on getting her to say Ho Ho Ho for Santa. Due to the high importance of the Christmas season for me, we must get this down in time for Christmas.

Justin and I got to go to the Cowboys game today. It was a lot of fun and Lucy stayed with Christy, aka Tisty, and she did so well. No crying or anything. Just a lot of playing and fun. I was really proud of her, but Lucy LOVES our neighbors because she sees them so often. Lucy and I also went to Anna's birthday party this weekend, which was so fun. They had a bounce house at their house, and Lucy seemed to really enjoy it and she was so comfortable there, even with all of the strangers around, which was a very nice change given her recent behavior with people she does not know well - hence why I think she may be out of her slump.

Here are recent pictures of all of our fun. Enjoy.

Justin, Lucy and Big Tex. He is a little scary to me, being a non-Texan.

Hey bunnies, could you hop on over here so I could get a better look?

The giraffe with Justin and Lucy

Lucy and the camels.

Let's all agree together that we are thankful that we are not the pig.

Lucy practicing her farming skills. To be honest, she was not that impressed.

She was much more into doing things like yoga in her stroller!

A small example of some of the fried everything section. BARF!

Justin is indulging in a fried Snickers. He couldn't believe that I didn't love it. It is perfectly fine the way it was originally made - free of batter and free flowing grease.

Here is Justin attempting to win Lucy a prize at the skee ball game. Earlier in the week, he won her a Dora doll and thought he could do it again. Not this time buddy! He kept willingly handing over money only to continue to lose at the game in attempts to get something that I really don't want in our house.

Lucy and I just sat back and watched.

Is it just me, or does Lucy look like a 12 year old in this picture. Even though she didn't go to the game, she still wore her cheerleader outfit and was looking good. Thanks Nana!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are feeling better!

Looks like you had a great time at the fair...I'm with you on the fried foods - gross! As much as I love Paul Deen, I do not agree that everything is better when fried.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Lucy is so cute, you can see her personality in the pictures.

And, I agree with you about the "fried everything" stuff, makes my stomach turn.

ypp said...

Fried everything + soda pops... No wonder many kids are obese.

The picture of Lucy's head sticking out of the board cracked me up :)

The last picture is certainly one of the cutest Lucy's pictures I've seen.

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures.

Cyndi said...

Kelly, I really enjoy reading your blog I can't even remember how I found it. I was wondering what brand is the tan stroller Lucy is in at the fair?? I am looking for a stroller and haven't quite decided on one yet. We are in the process of adoption and I am getting things ready. Lucy is a beautiful child and I am glad you are both feeling better. My blog is

Sherri said...

Justin - fried Snickers? I just can't imagine ruining a Snickers like that. Lucy looks like she had a fantastic time with the animals! I am so glad she was feeling better and could enjoy that fun day. Kelly I agree, that big Texan is scary. We miss you all and can't wait to see you again. BTW-Grace looked so grown in her cheerleader outfit too!

Leslie & Shaune said...

Fried snickers? wow. that is a bit extreme. lol. i bet i would of liked it.

LawMommy said...

I'm trying to figure out how on earth one could even try to make a "fried latte". I've seen the fried Snickers and fried Mars Bars at fairs up here - too much grease!!

Lucy is adorable, as always,

Jen said...

yech! As much as I love some deep fried food...that stuff sounds gross.

Glad you feel better. Lucy's hair is getting so long! She looks so cute in her little cheerleading outfit.

LaLa said...

So glad you are all feeling better. I love all the pics and it looks like she and daddy loved seeing the giraffe : )
The cheerleading outfit is perfect on her!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute and man does she look older than she really is in her cheerleader outfit! And I don't like it when I go to the fair and see now that they will fry ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

You are going to have to tell us in your next post what kind of stroller you have, because I want one. I love your stroller! The fair looks like so much fun. Maybe next year I'll get to take Caroline to the Georgia fair.

Lucy is beautiful. You are so blessed!


Susan said...

Yay! So happy you're both feeling better. Let's see...

* Very weirded out by all the fried stuff -- and I'm a southern girl.
* Feeling kind of sorry for the poor mama pig.
* Petunia often does yoga in her stroller, too.
* I think you're definitely getting a glimpse of how Lucy will look as a young teenager. Too cute in her cheerleader uniform.
* My favorite pic is the one of Lucy looking at the bunnies. Such a studious expression on her sweet face.

K said...

How cute she looks in the Cowboys outfit! We have a U of MD one for Tori.

Glad you are both feeling better.

Julie said...

My stomach hurts just thinking about all that fried food! I'm glad your both feeling better.