Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thank You

I really really appreciate the great comments that I got on the last post. They were some of the most thoughtful and kind comments I have gotten since this blog started. It just always is reassuring to know that I am not alone and that others feel the same way. My good friend Liz commented that her daughter had several similar days after her first birthday. She described it by saying if her daughter could have unzipped her skin and crawled inside her, she would have. That is exactly how Lucy was. She couldn't get close enough.

So here is what happened the next day. That night, I took Lucy in her room with a bottle at 7:45. I was out of her room with her dead asleep at 7:52. As I said in the other post, I thought that this crazy mood had something to do with her being really tired. I did not hear a peep out of this child until 10:27 am the next day. Yes, you read that correctly, she slept for 14 and a half hours straight. I had woken up really early to deal with a dog issue and dozed back off after being up for a while. I rolled over to look at the clock, thinking it would be around 9 and almost rolled out of the bed when I saw it was 10:27. We weren't even done with breakfast until after 11!!! Just so you don't think I am sleep depriving this child, every single night this past week she slept for a minimum of 13 hours a night and took between a 2 and 3 hour nap every day. Can we say GROWTH SPURT!! I think she is growing so fast it requires massive amounts of sleep. Anyway, she woke up happy and back to her normal self. We have had a great past couple of days. Here is what a normal evening is like at my house (this is the night after her meltdown and be sure to watch until the end when she comes out of hiding, it is so cute):

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Here are some fun pictures from the weekend. Lucy went to a birthday party this weekend where she got to ride a horse! She was so brave and did not want anyone to touch her while she was up there because apparently she was a big girl and could do it herself. I had to hold on to her while the horse was moving, much to her disappointment. She cried when her turn was over. Who knew she would love horses so much? And just so you guys know about the flowers, I got them at this store in Fayetteville, AR. I don't even know who makes them because they were just hanging on a ribbon without a tag or anything. I wish I had more info to share on how to find them because they are awesome.

Looking so pretty for church today. By the way, she is getting better with the nursery. She cried today when I dropped her off, but she was playing happily when I returned to pick her up. It made me so so so happy. She did literally run over another poor child who was crawling on the floor when she caught sight of me!


Leslie & Shaune said...

Adorable photos. Where did you guy the bows...that blue one is so cute!
I didn't offer advise yesterday b/c i have the hardest time remembering back to when my 2 children were babies. i know they were like that at times but for the life of me i can't recall it. So... this too shall pass, and then she'll be 4 (like my little gal is) and so busy she can barely stop to give you a hug :(

Julie said...

Beautiful photos and that video is just too cute!! I'm glad things are going a little better!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, she is such a goofball! This age is so totally fun, isn't it? I love all the little games and stuff. Isn't it hilarious when they crawl again? I always crack up, it just seems so weird now! Thanks for sharing that video!!!!

Love the horse photo - I think Lucy wants a pony for Christmas!!! Haha

Elizabeth said...

Hey K,

I am so glad to hear things are going so much better. It is nice to hear about the hard parts of motherhood. It is a refreshing change. To add to your workload I have tagged you. Check out my blog for the details.


Anonymous said...

I have just caught up on your blog. I am so so sorry Friday was tough. You are NOT alone! :) everybody has tough days.

I know so many people find inspiration through you having the gift to share your experiences and feelings. I hope that you find that to be your own inspiration (which it SHOWS , it has! )

There is nothing sweeter than the calm after the storm!!! :)

Next time, call me and I know we can laugh our way through it!

love you all bunches,

oh ya--you KNOW i looove the horse pics...I am about to google Frankie so you all can buy him back for me! What?! Lucy is demanding a pony!
ANDDDD...the pic of her before church laying her head on the chair is beautiful! i think you need to frame it!

Jen said...


I just got caught up from being gone for the long weekend. I am so sorry that you two hit some rough patches. I agree with everyone else that these days are normal and you handled it beautifully.

You are so full of love! Don't doubt yourself as a mom--you are doing great!

LawMommy said...

I swear sometimes my kids have really rough days, and I think I am going to lose my mind, and then, whatever trend they were experiencing that was making me insane passes, and you have a day where you get to sleep late and everything things okay, again. For a while, anyway. :-)

I'm glad she is sleeping again, cause that is JUST.SO.IMPORTANT for everyone's sanity!

And she's very very cute, as always! And I love the bows from Fayetteville. (My mom is there right now visiting family - I should tell her to be on the lookout for adorable flowers for Lana's hair!) There's a really good mystery author who lives in Fayetteville - her name is Joan Hess - check her out if you are ever in the mood for a good cozy mystery.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad things are back to normal and Miss Lucy is getting some shut-eye! I agree with Kate that you should frame that picture -- it really is beautiful! And if you buy Frank, you'll probably also need to get Lucy that red coat and black hat riding outfit! Can't wait to see Lucy on Friday! I'll call you this week--

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is sooooo adorable! I love the giggles and how she flops herself around on the floor. Reminds me so much of Ava at that age. (yikes, time goes by so quickly!)

She looks like a natural on the horse. Does Santa have room in his bag for a pony this year? :)

Sarah said...

I love your blog because Lucy is so cute, but I greatly appreciate you for your honesty in how you feel in your posts. We need to near the not so rosy to keep us grounded.

ShellyW said...

Sweet video and pictures! I'm so glad that she is feeling better. It's so hard when they are fine one day and then bam, you've got a different kid for a few days!

Khoa still has times when he is just clinging to me for dear life and after a while, I feel like I need to hide! On days like that I wonder if I'll ever be able to go to the bathroom without an audience! Ha.

You are a wonderful Momma and I'm glad that you had so many awesome responses to your post!

Anonymous said...

my precious angel. i can't stand the cuteness. miss you much!