Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trip to the Aquarium

It is amazing how much more entertaining life is with a child. We do so many fun things that we just didn't do before - like go to the awesome aquarium. And even more fun, is watching Lucy experience these things for the first time. So today, Justin, Lucy, Mandy, Anna, and I went to the aquarium. It was really amazing. Obviously tons of fish, but also monkeys, birds, a jaguar, and penguins. We had a blast. Here are some fun pictures.

Lucy and Anna waiting patiently for the Giant Otters to be fed.

There goes an otter.

Chowing on his fish

Very typical - Lucy camped out on Mandy's lap and Anna being sweet and allowing it.

Look at that huge turtle!

Come on guys!

Really, could they be any cuter? Anna has her arm around Lucy! SO SWEET!

Here are the penguins. I got grossed out by them though because they all peed on the rocks - thick yellow urine and it smelled so disgusting. I was so excited about the penguins and they were cute, but so stinky.

Lucy really trying to swim with the penguins.

The shark tunnel.

Lucy's very favorite thing at the whole aquarium was the flamingos!! Can you believe it?!?! She doesn't even know how lucky she is that I was thinking ahead with that costume!

She kept her face shoved between two sticks and stood totally still and just watched them. They were really loud.

LOVE this picture!

We have our second go round with Little Gym tomorrow. I know Lucy will be excited about that. I just wish it didn't smell like feet inside of Little Gym!


Carissa said...

What a great trip! It looks like Lucy had so much fun and everyone enjoyed watching her enjoy the trip!

LaLa said...

You are making me laugh with the Penguin story...

Super cute pics of some sweet girlies. We have gymnastics on Thurs...I will wash my feet extra well : )

Nicki said...

What great pics!!! That looks like so much fun - we never made it to the aquarium. I can't wait to go next time.

How fun that Lucy has her first real girlfriend! That is adorable :-)

And yeah, that's super cool about the flamingo! Lucked out there!

Sherri said...

How fun. I wish we could have been there. Lucy is growing up so much. I love seeing her with her face between the stick looking at the flamingos. She is such a big girl now! Miss you all.

Heather said...

Aquariums and kids are so much fun. I didn't realize that Dallas had such a nice aquarium. I might have to check it out the next time we visit Michael's family. Lucy and Anna look adorable together.

Jen said...

The girls are so cute together! Can't wait to do all of that stuff when our little kiddo makes it home....except for that penguin part...ew.

jilljohnandhope said...

Kelly, this is Jill Hoover Dyer again. (We cheered together at CC in LR)First of all, Lucy is soo precious! I found your blog when my husband and I started looking into the Vietnam program. I have a dear friend who is adopting from China, and she is looking for a pediatrician. I told her that I thought I remembered from your blog that you have a pediatrician with experience in international adoptions. Am I remembering correctly? Could you email me at dyer622 at yahoo dot com? We are in the DFW area too. I will send you her email if you would like. Thanks! Jill

Susan said...

I'm so envious that you all had such a fun day. It looks like the girls (and parents) really had a great time.

Also, your post was very educational. I honestly didn't know ANYTHING about penguin pee before reading this. LOL

ShellyW said...

Great pictures. Looks like you made a great choice with the flamingo outfit. She's adorable and so is Anna! I'm so glad that you all are able to spend time together. What a gift for both the girls and the mommy's!

Mia's Mommy said...

The girls look so cute! Mia had a meltdown at our aquarium. I took her last February with Sherri Teague and her girls (one is from the Danang Red Cross where Mia's from). Her girls were fantastic. Mia couldn't handle it.

Isn't it neat when you kid makes a friend for the first time! These two look like they could be best buds for a long time!

rachel said...

Those girls are so sweet together. I'm so glad they have each other to play with. Looks like you all had a great time. There's nothing cuter than a child mesmorized by animals. :)

Lynn said...

Too cute about Lucy and her love of the flamingos. I've taken my 2 yr. old daughter to that same aquarium, and she loved the turtles and penguins. She kept telling me, "Mommy, more turtle, more turtle!" and called all the penguins "bird". It is a fun place, and I hope to go back soon. As always, great pics of Lucy and her buddy. She is so adorable!