Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Our Dearest Lucy -

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We hope you have the time of your life today and every other day of your precious little life. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by since we got you seven months ago. It passed in what feels like the blink of an eye. You have touched our lives so deeply. Everyday we thank God that you are ours. Life would not be the same without you. Your laugh and smile are contagious. Your little reserved personality is so fitting for you, but once you open up, watch out! People are natually drawn to you. You are funny, smart, beautiful, and loving. It is such a blessing to watch you as you develop into the little person that you are going to be. We love every second we get to spend with you. Thank you for all of the joy you have brought to our lives. We love you so much.

Love, Mom and Dad

I have so much that I want to say on this post. I am going to try and keep it at a manageable length, but it is going to be long. First I want to touch on what Lucy is up to these days. She is obviously walking all of the time. Once she figured out how to get from sitting to standing with nothing to pull up on (which was a little less than a week ago) she has been walking almost exclusively. She still walks with her hands straight up and it is really funny. She eats big girl food only, except for the rare occasion when baby food has to do. She will tolerate it, but not very well. She is a great sleeper. Still two naps a day. If she wakes up in the morning or from a nap crying, it means she is not done sleeping and she needs to go back down for a bit. This rarely happens. She generally always wakes up and talks for a while in her crib. It is really sweet to listen to. I did find out from this trip we are on that she does not totally freak out if a nap is missed. Instead, by the end of the day, she enters a hilarious state of delirium where she laughs at everything and stumbles around like an old drunk man. It really is so funny. She still needs two naps to function at her best though. Size wise she is about 19 lbs. Her waist and bottom are so small she still wears 3-6 month shorts and pants and if they are any bigger she walks right out of them. She signs eat, milk, all done, and more on a regular basis and knows what they mean. This has really only happened in the past week or so, but now she is signing a lot. She doesn't say many recognizable words other than mama, dada (all of the time), nana, and baba. The rest is just jibberish. She talks all of the time though. That is about it, I think.

As far as birthday festivities, I will start with yesterday - her birthday eve. We woke up still in Martha's Vineyard. Got out and about, ate lunch, and then it was time to catch the ferry in the afternoon. We found out last minute that we were going to get to catch a Red Sox game, so we were pretty excited. We got to Boston with enough time to get to our hotel, change clothes, and head to Fenway. It was an amazing experience. We got to go down on the field before the game and really see everything up close. Fenway is such a cool place with so much history and the fans are unbelievable. I am really glad we got to do this. Lucy only made it through about 1 inning because it was a night game and we had already been there for an hour or so before the game started. She was great though and everyone commented on what a well behaved girl she was. We didn't want to push her past her limit, so we left after the first inning. It was already her bedtime. I would say getting to go to a Red Sox game and go on the field was a pretty great start to her birthday!

At the dock waiting for the ferry to pick us up.

Hi everyone!!

Lucy and her dad outside of Fenway Park.

Family picture on the field

She loved the game food - pretzels and hot dog!!

View from our seats.

At midnight, we had to move from our hotel in Boston back to the bus to head to Dewey Beach, Delaware. I was able to move her without her ever waking up. Here she is at exactly midnight in the hotel room and then in the bus once we made the switch. I am aware that she was already 1 in Vietnam time, but we are just going with our time zone for now to keep things simple! She is so sweet and cute when she is snoozing.

Here she is first thing in the morning on her big day!

She ate her normal breakfast, but as a treat she got to watch cartoons!! Look at her all kicked back and enjoying the moment.

Then, she got to have Cheetos for a little breakfast dessert! This girl loves her some Cheetos.

After her morning nap, we packed up and headed to the Boardwalk so we could let her experience the beach and ocean for the first time. It was so much fun and she just loved the water. She was not too sure about the sand, but it didn't bother her. She just wasn't sure at first about it being stuck to her.

Grabbing a quick bite to eat before we hit the beach.

Checking out the water with dad.

Brrrr, it is a bit cold.

She would have marched right on out into the water. It made me a bit nervous because the current was really strong, even for me.

She got to eat some cherry flavored frozen stuff and she absolutely loved it.

After the big day at the beach, she was one tired girl. We went back to the hotel, cleaned up because we were all still covered in sand, and she took a big ole nap. Here she is after her bath in her birthday outfit.

Once she got up, we went out to dinner. She didn't get to dig into a cupcake yet, because we would have destroyed either the restaurant or our hotel room. She can do that when we are back at home. Here she is in her cupcake outfit looking beautiful!

One of my all time favorite pictures.

Ready for bed after a big day, which by the way, she was a bear to get to bed tonight. Who wants their birthday to end? Not this girl!

I am going to make her a little birthday book with the pictures from our trip and the cards that she gets. I am also going to include her birthday comments from the blog, so if you feel inclined, please leave her a little birthday message so that she someday knows all of mommy's blogging friends that are so great!!


mellow & yellow said...

Happy Birthday Baby Lucy!

jenn said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
I hope your mommy and daddy let you eat cake because it is so yummy good. We have seen your pictures and just look at each other as if to say, well sis...your still there so who is that. Our mommy was inspired to start putting bows in our hair as soon as we had it from your adorable photos.
Perhaps some day we can all play together, until then have the bestest birthday ever!
Chloe and Aubrey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!
xoxo, Jon, Lee & Zoe

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! May I say you have the most stylin' collection of bathing suits!! Seriously, she is a beauty and I can tell that she is the light of your world from mommy and daddy's smiles.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Lucy! You are such a blessing for not only your family but also for your family's friends. I love hearing about all of your new adventures and developments; you are TOO cute for words, and I hope the next 12 months prove to be just as adventuresome and magical as your first 12. Lots of love, Mary-Margaret (one of your mommy's friends from high school)

LaLa said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Looks like you are having a fun one. I hope you get that cupcake soon : )

KelleyO said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy!!!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! You are such a big girl now. It amazes me how much you have grown and changed since I first met you. You are precious and I am so glad you had a great birthday. We love you very, very much.
Sherri and Gracie

Chandra said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

~Kim said...

Happy Birthday, little Lucy!! You make such a beautiful birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Looks like you had a great day with mommy and daddy. The pictures are wonderful! We look forward to meeting you someday soon.

Shelly and Rob Weston

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lil Miss Luce! Looks like you had a good one! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy and Daddy that love you as much as they do! How could they not love such a beautiful baby girl, though!?! Happy birthday again, and we are all so happy to have you in our extended family! We all love you so very much!

Sue said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Love--Mia and Cameron

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy!!!!

Ok, you are one lucky girl. I have been a Red Sox fan my entire life and have never been on the fair!! ;)

Hope the rest of your trip goes well! What a great adventure!

Sara, Jeff & Lucy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy Girl!! You are such a beautiful gift from God and are so lucky to have such wonderful parents! We are looking forward to seeing your sweet face this weekend!
Jayme and Carter

stollmyheart said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! It's been so fun watching you get bigger and bigger! I hope you have a very special day! We'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Lucy!! You are just too precious and the sweetest thing ever. Watching you approach your first year has been so fun and we look forward to all the wonders you will continue to discover. Happy 1st Birthday baby girl! We love you, Stacey and Adam

Julie said...

I've been following your blog since you traveled to Vietnam, and I've loved watching Lucy grow up and become apart of your family. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!!

Anonymous said...


I don't think a girl could ask for a more perfect day:)! You are just adorable and I can't wait to see you this weekend! We have a present waiting for you so you have to come visit us:)!!!

Meredith & Patrick

Emily said...

happy birthday lucy! you got a birthday message from my mom yesterday. but this one is from me!
your friend lulu
(still waiting in vietnam)

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl! Your mommy and daddy have been so blessed every single day you have been in their lives! Do you know how happy it has made all the people that love them to see how much they adore you? Precious birthday girl, you are the icing AND the cake both. You make so many people smile with the pictures and videos we get to see of you growing up. You are already such a little lady. Happy 1st year and many, many more to come!

Liz, Stephen and Taylor

Shawna said...

Miss Lucy, Happy Birthday baby girl!! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mom and dad, and I hope you always know how loved you are. I love every second I get to visit with you, and sad I don't live closer to see you more! Give your momma and daddy big hugs for me today!
Love, Shawna

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Birthday Girl!!! It seems like just yesterday we were all getting to see your sweet referral picture for the first time...then watching your mom and dad's journey in Vietnam to get you. You have blessed each and every single one of our hearts and inspired us in various ways. You are one precious and lucky girl...I mean who gets to go to a red sox game and the beach on their 1st birthday?! I haven't even gotten to do all of that yet, and I'm old :) Just make sure that your parents keep this up...It should only get better, right! We love you so much and can't wait to hug on you this weekend.

Love, Amber and John

Carissa said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! It looks like it was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet Lucy! We wish you a happy birthday and our prayer is that your next year of life is just as great or even greater!

April & Hannah (fellow Lucy blog aholics)

Brandy said...

It has been wonderful watching your story and can tell that God has blessed you with some very wonderful and caring parents! We are preparing our application to adopt our daughter from Vietnam and pray that God will bless us as he has your family!!


saucygoat said...

Aw. Happy Birthday Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Lucy! :)

Your smile is so sweet that always has lighting my day !

Wish you all the best with your mommy and daddy!

Much love,
A sister from Vietnam ^^

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, dear Lucy! You are such a sweetie. I hope every year brings even more joy and blessings your way.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby Lucy!

We are all so blessed we get to share in your precious little life. You create smiles are the product of the grace and love that has been given to you. We love everything from your dimples to your curiosity. May your birthday and everyday be filled with something new and exciting!
We love ya bunches,
Kate, Jason and Liza

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly: I was very happy to find your adoption video on YouTube and then this blog last night while researching adoption from Vietnam. It's a wonderful story and Lucy is fantastic. My husband and I will be starting the process soon and I was wondering if you might share the agency you used. We have done some preliminary research with Adoptions From The Heart. Best wishes to you as you continue to raise your beautiful daughter.

Tracy in NH

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, sweet little Lucy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday my beautiful little princess! your seashy loves you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You could not be any sweeter! You are such a blessing to your mom and dad and everyone who knows you! We cannot wait to watch you grow and change even more in the years to come! Love, Jayna and Matthew