Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things are Looking Up!

I am happy to announce that the sleeping issue is pretty much resolved. She is back to sleeping soundly through the night. WOO HOO! Thanks for all of the advice and sweet comments. I think those teeth are finally leaving her alone for a bit. I am praying that this trend continues. I think she has been tired from the night wakings. Yesterday I actually woke her up at 9:40 am (since I hadn't heard from her I still felt that urge to make sure she was still breathing) and today she slept until 9:10. It is beautiful!! Now if I could just get myself back to normal. One of these days we are ALL going to sleep peacefully.

We have been busy little bees around here lately. Lots of playgroups. I find Lucy to be somewhat of the bully. UH OH! She is by far the oldest in our church groups and she just snatches any toy she wants. We have also gotten to play with Mandy and Anna a lot lately. To jog your memory, Anna is Vietnamese and almost 3 years old. She is a tiny pumpkin and is not that much bigger than Lucy. Today Lucy was on Anna's riding toy and whenever Anna would get near it Lucy would swing her arms and grunt - which meant, Back Off! We are going to really have to work on sharing. Also, Anna is so precious and gets really excited when she sees Lucy and says to her many time, "HI BABY!!" It really is so adorable. I have never gotten a picture of the girls together, which is absolutely unacceptable. Next time.

Lucy now says PaPa, which makes my dad really happy. She also does this funny hand thing whenever she sees a bunny - it is a hopping motion. We learned it from our cousin John. She turns 13 months tomorrow, which is mind boggling to me. The months keep flying by. She can now full on run and tries really hard, but unsuccessfully, to jump. I have been terrible about pictures lately, so this is all I got.


Susan said...

Very happy to hear things are looking up again for you. Please send some good vibes this way, will you?

Cute little dress on Miss Lucy. Maybe there are only a couple of photos today, but what a great subject you have! :o)

Anonymous said...

Adorable!I can't believe how similar she and Addy sound. Addy is the bully too :-( I wonder if they will fight to the death when they finally meet?!

SO glad you all are sleeping again. If Lucy could have a talk with Addy, I'd much appreciate! Maybe she can do seminars :-)

erinlo said...

Lucy sounds VERY normal to me! I can totally see her and sweet little Anna playing. I can't wait until we get to have all three girls together someday! I DO hope we get to meet soon- I'm really looking forward to our girls' night. Love, Erin L.

Sara said...

Precious Lucy, you just keep getting cuter! Keep up the good work with the sleep...your mama needs it, too!

Jen said...

Lucy is such a cutie--but I am totally jealous of your green grassy yard!! I miss the eastern side of the state.

Anonymous said...

I've just recently started reading your blog, so I've only seen a few... but I can honestly tell you that I am love, love, loving those cute bows/flowers you put in Lucy's hair. So adorable!

Anonymous said...

i love that cigar in her hand in the 2nd pic.
love and miss

Anonymous said...

Sharing is SUCH a hard lesson. (for all of us! LOL) Glad she is sleeping well again. She looks lovely with that light shade of blue in her hair!!

Mrs.B said...

adorable as always!!!!!

mam said...

So maybe you don't want to jinx it yet, but when you feel "safe" let us know how you overcame the sleep ickiness, will you?