Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Outdoor Fun Time

The weather has been so amazing lately. My mom and I went and got Lucy a little pool to put on the back deck. She woke up from her afternoon nap and had no idea what a treat she was in for. She LOVES water and was very excited to check out her new toy. The water was cold and at one point her teeth chattered, but she just swam around anyway. She could have cared less that the water was cold. This summer is going to be so much fun.

My new mini chairs for me and my cousin John to have this summer.

I love this chair!!

My favorite thing - being naked and outside! Life can't get much better than this.

Lucy loves to do the "Vietnam squat" and I think it is the cutest thing ever.

Suited up and ready to swim

Lookin good in my bikini

How come no one is swimming with me??

Warming up in my chair with Lee Lee and PaPa

Lucy's favorite thing at her grandparents are the magnets in the kitchen. Here she is having lots of fun.

She looks HUGE and like a grown up in this picture to me.

Squatting again

Helping with the dishes after dinner

And as a side note, I know that Jordin was an awesome singer, but I am sad that Blake lost. I thought he was awesome and he is going to be a huge star. For those of you who don't watch American Idol, I am sorry that you don't. It rocks!!!


Jo said...

Cute swim suit, we are going to get a little pool for Cami too.

If you head up to Nashville this summer let me know and I'll bring Cami down to my mom's, we can get all the girls together.

Shelly W said...

Sweet pictures. Love the big red bow. Looks like Daddy might have some competition on the drums!

I agree with your comments on American Idol. Loved both of them, but Blake was my favorite. I'm guessing he'll do just fine anyway.

LaLa said...

Ok..posted this on Jo's blog..but if I am not invited to the Nashville party you are all in trouble.

Love the pool pics...what a bathing beauty. She won't lose that squat anytime soon..Annslee still does it all the time.

Susan said...

Kelly, I'm really enjoying watching Lucy grow and change. Thanks for sharing so many photos with us all. She's truly a doll!

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out so that you're able to come to Nashville this summer. Yay!

Laurie said...

The "3rd World squat" - that's my favorite! Lucy does it so gracefully. We were so excited b/c we just got a little yard trash pool for Jax. It had a filter and everything...but our michevious bulldog somehow popped it and all the water drained:(

rachel said...

I love baby bikinis! Those little plastic pools are the greatest things ever.

I have to second what Laura said...expect to see that cute little squat for years to come! That is still Ava's preferred method of sitting.

mam said...

I have to award you my personal "cutest baby on the web" prize. She's just the most adorable girl!

Anonymous said...


Those pics in the pool are too cute! That is so great that she loves the water so much and you are going to have a blast together this summer!


Jayme Jones

Ann said...

She is sooo cute. I love her little bathing suit.

I think we're the only two that were hoping that Blake would win. I was watching LOST, but had to switch over during the commercials.

Jennifer said...

We are getting 2 pools for the girls b-days because they have a canope and I dont know if they will both fit in one. They did enjoy the big pool this past weekend though!!!

I find ME sitting the vietnamese sit with the girls now all the time. My girls can't do it yet. Although cammie did a full on split and then went to a crawl, Conor and I about died!!!

Lucy looks soo big! how big is she now?

Sarah & Seth said...

She is too cute!! My daughter does the Vietnam Sqaut too and I love it!!

Sarah & Seth said...
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Sherri said...

She is so grown up! She looks so OLD sitting in that chair. Doesn't that just tug at your heart when you look at her and she looks grown up?

S. said...

She just gets cuter and cuter. I absolutely loved when my daughter was that age...Enjoy her! (not that you need to be reminded!) and thanks for sharing her with us!

Mrs.B said...

Kelly, Lucy is absolutley the most adorable little girl ever!

erinlo said...

Lucy is such a doll!!! I love the Vietnam squat thing- Selah does that too- especially when she's poopin'. Love it.

Sarah & Seth said...

I can tell we have VERY similar taste for our little ones! Sienna has the same Baby Guess dress, green Children's Place zipper dress, and brown Old Navy flower dress. Lucy is exceedingly cute and we are so happy for you!!