Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun Facts

I have come to the realization that the main reason that most people come to this blog is because they want to see our Lucy as she grows and blossoms into the amazing little pumpkin that she is becoming. So, I plan on posting lots of pictures from here on out. I will also post about her development and exciting events in her life as they happen, but if I am going to be posting every couple of days, it will mostly be pictures.

Here are a few interesting things about Lucy that I may not have ever shared yet.

1. She HATES and I do mean HATES the car. She freaks out almost every time we have to drive somewhere. It is really fun for all involved. The fact of the matter is, she prefers to be moving ALL of the time and the constraints of the car seat make her furious. Hopefully she will someday soon outgrow this little problem.

2. If you would hang her upside down all day, she would be the happiest girl alive. She is like a little monkey and she loves to be tossed around and being upside down makes her laugh her head off. We call her our little acrobat. I really do think she will love gymnastics some day.

3. Every day in the bathtub she has to stand and reexamine the faucet over and over. She is amazed by it for some reason and that she can stick her finger up the faucet and it disappears. It never gets old.

4. She lays in bed every night and sings for about 20 minutes before drifting off to sleep. It is so cute to listen to in the monitor. I would love for her to let me rock her to sleep every night, but she just likes her night time space and she seems to like to sing. We adore her singing.

5. She is not much of a cuddler. She is just too busy. But when she does slow down for a moment and allows some cuddle time, it is the best! We take full advantage of the rare snuggles. I am really not kidding though when I say that this girl wants to be moving all of the time. Busy busy busy.

6. She studies everything so closely. She will do this thing with her hand of opening and closing it on something many times to get the full feel of something. Then she will flip it around and always taste it.

7. She is tough as nails. When she falls or bumps her head, she just looks to make sure I am close by and goes on about her business. Anyone who has never met her is always amazed when she tumbles over and doesn't cry. Again, she is scared of nothing and will try anything. However, when she does get herself worked up, it is loud and everyone knows about it.

So, there are some fun facts about our girl. And here are the pictures that you all love to see!

I had to race to get a picture of her sitting still!

She is standing all of the time and on anything she can get her hands on. She has on the cutest sandals

Do you guys think I can get through here somehow? I am going to try.

Look mom, my head fits through the poles!

Catch me if you can!!

What a happy face

Lucy with my childhood pastor, Dr. Johnson. The best pastor in the world!!

Lucy and Bianca enjoying a lovely spring day

What a face

Mom, where are the bubbles?

I am patiently waiting still

I want to touch the bubbles!

I can stand on this chair too! There is nothing I can't do.


kristin said...

awh! i love hearing about baby's distinct, emerging personalities. thanks for sharing! adorable photos.

Sara said...

She's EXACTLY like the "other" Lucy Elise. I mean, exactly. Your girl will be walking inside of a month...guaranteed.

It's finally spring in Boston and we are psyched!!!

Laurie said...

I can't get over the similarities between Lucy and my son, Jackson! The other day I heard his mobile's music on the monitor when he was supposed to be napping. I went in to find him swinging from the monkey that dangles off his jungle themed mobile. Should've named him George, I guess!
I see those 8-9 month olds some people carry around in those carseat type things, who are just content laying on their backs and hanging out. Not our kids! Much too busy! I do wonder if those moms ever know how easy they have it:) I would never trade their energy for easy though; it's too fun.

Yippee said...

:) I think gymnastics is excellent to make kids strong and svelte.


Michelle said...

She is such a doll! My daughter had TONS of energy at that age and still does - more than any other kid I have ever met. When she was 16 months we started "mommy and me gymnastics" and it was a huge hit. Since turning 3 she has been in gymnastics by herself and loves it. I wouldn't want it any other way. Cute pics!

liz said...

I love when you post pictures- she just gets more and more adorable and beautiful every time you post them - I don't know how that is possible!


Anonymous said...

Do you know that if you add a little bit of sugar or corn starch to bubbles, kids can actually touch them. The "skin" of the bubbles is tougher and they stick to their hands. Very fun.

mommy magallanes said...

My daughter hated the car when she was little. It took an hour to drive to and from the sitters and she would scream the entire way. She grew out of it when she was a little over a year old. I feel for you. Lucy singing herself to sleep sounds like the cutest thing.

Nicki said...

I LOVE the pictures and also love hearing the quirkly little Lucyisms. They are great!!! I have had car haters. Two of them. I am happy to report that one outgrew it around 18 months and that most kids do. Once they can congnitively enjoy more mental things like conversations, games, etc, it is easier to entertain them in the car. Noah, though, at 5 still hates the car. It obviously isn't like it used to be but he never gets in the car without asking how long we will have to be in it and if we are in there longer than an hour, he starts complaining. I don't think he'll ever really enjoy the car until he's behind the wheel. It will get better for Lucy though.

I pity you about the constantly moving girl! My boys were JUST like that, it is exhausting to keep up with!

Jo said...

Nothing like some good Lucy facts. And, go ahead and twist my arm about more Lucy pictures. ;)