Friday, October 20, 2006

Taking Food Too Far

Have any of you been to your state fair this year? I know, fairs are kind of gross and dirty, but they are also quite entertaining. We went with our neighbors to the Texas State Fair on Wednesday. This was my very first experience at the fair. I was in for quite the adventure. Essentially, all you do there is eat and eat, play some games while your food settles like a rock in your stomach, ride the occasional ride, and then eat some
more. I felt like grease was oozing out of me when we left. Here is what all we tried: Corney Dog (this was the best thing that I ate), a chicken finger, a tamale, nachos, corn on the cob, and a fried Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. We were big fat pigs! Disgusting the amount of food consumed, I am fully aware of this. The good thing is that we would get this stuff and then all share it, so it wasn't like we were eating full portions. Again, I still realize how gross this is. Here is the thing though, there was so many foods to try it was totally overwhelming. EVERYTHING is fried. Here are a few examples that just floored me - fried avocado, fried Snickers, fried Twinkies, fried PB&J, and here is the real kicker: fried Coke. That is right my friend, fried Coke. I saw people buying it by the truck load. It was basically a glass of Coke with some fried dough in it. DISGUSTING! And we wonder why we are such an obese country.

The main thing that I did enjoy about the fair was the petting zoo. It was fabulous. My favorites were the goats. I swear every goat was pregnant and about to pop or had just had a baby. Those goats are "busy", if you know what I mean. The baby goats were the sweetest and cutest things ever. I did get mad at the goats though because they were really mean to one another.
If one was eating, another would come up and head butt it with its horns, really really hard. One goat was even bleeding. I did not like this. I especially did not like one of the bigger goats doing this to a set of brand new baby twin goats. In fact, I told on that goat to the man who was watching them. He clearly thought I was a lunatic, but it really made me mad. Those babies weren't doing one thing wrong. He also had no concern whatsoever for the poor bleeding goat. RUDE!

We saw lots of other animals, like cows, buffalo, llamas, sheep, pigs, ducks, and kangaroos. They might have been wallabies, I don't really know. Here is what I do know. One of them was a momma with a baby in her pouch. At one point she was hopping around and the baby fell out, at which point I realized that it was WAY too big to be in the pouch still. The little one kept following the mom around and trying to get back in the pouch and the mom would hop away. This went on for 5 minutes or so until the baby just forced its way back in. I was seriously stunned by the fact that this big baby fit back in the pouch. That poor momma.

Okay, I think I have rambled about the fair long enough. It was just such an interesting experience. We did comment about bringing Lucy next year and how she would be 14 months old. That was just crazy to me. Wow. The pink stripes that say Perfect is my new favorite item in Lucy's closet. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. A huge congratulations to Mrs. Broccoli Guy who got her travel approval and will be in Vietnam very soon to get her son!!!!!! YEAH!


Rachel said...

I love the 'perfect' sleeper. It will be so fitting for her! :)

Sounds like you had a good time at the fair. Fair foods, although tasty, are unkind to the tummy. It's all worth it though :) We go to the fair every year & I'm squimish around the livestock. Born & raised in a highly agricultural state but I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've been on a farm! I stick to the fair food and rides :)

Ann said...

Your account of the county fair is too funny. I've heard of fried coke, but I wasn't sure what it was exactly. Sounds pretty gross. I can still picture of you telling on the goats. LOL!! I'm sure Lucy is going to love the fair next year and she'll be old enough then to enjoy the animals.

Melissa said...

The stripe jammies are great. You should to try find one that says 'miracle' because that is what she is. Keep on shopping. I already have the same diaper bag and blanket that you got for Miss Lucy. Great minds think alike!

Christina said...

I love county fairs - especially the animals. And I'm jealous - we don't have kangaroos at ours!!
Thanks so much for the congrats - it's so cool to have blog-friends like you cheering me on. :-)

Jo said...

My belly hurts even thinking of fair food. I do love goats though, they have good personalities.

Where did you get the perfect sleeper. I must get one.

Brenda said...

I did'nt go to our state fair this year. You're right, all you do is eat! I love the big fried cheese on a stick. Ok we don't have fried coke here. Very interesting...
Now I wish I would have gone!

Nicki said...

Wow, we don't have the weird fried stuff at our state fair! That's CRAZY! But it doesn't stop us from being fat here! hahaha.

I love the baby animals. Our state fair does as birthing thing where they let the animals birthe in front of the fair attendees. It is called the "Miracle of Life" exhibit. It's cool but stressful for the animals. You are totally hilarious with your animal-bully-tattling! I love you!!!!!!!! You are right - that man was RUDE!!!!

Emily said...

i saw them promoting fried coke at our fair this year too. it is crazy!
whenever my fam gets together we fry something...usually twinkies.
everything is better fried.

that really is amazing lucy will be 14 months old at this time next year. i cant wait to see all of our children grow!

Sherri Puckett said...

Here in the South we'll fry anything.

Heather and Michael said...

I loved reading about the fair! We took Sarah to our state's fair just days after returning home (at 15 months old) and she went nuts for the petting zoo. So glad we took her!

jeneflower said...

We have taken our kids to the fair on numerous occassions. They love to see the animals.

I love the "perfect" p.j.s!

Kelly said...

uck. fried coke? who in the world thought up that monstrosity?
Glad you had fun at the fair, and good for you for standing up for the wee little goats!
oh, and I adore the "perfect" pjs. Do they make that style for boys also?