Saturday, September 15, 2007

Can You Ever Have Too Much Flair?

Despite the extremely upsetting loss today of my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks, Lucy still was the cutest thing in town in her game day gear. We watched with our neighbors. I have been talking up her game day outfit all week, so they could not wait for the unveiling. After her nap, I got her all dolled up and ready to cheer on the Hogs. My wonderful friend, Kate, actually made this tutu for her and gave it to her along with the bloomers for Lucy's birthday. She was the hit of the neighborhood. Seriously, everyone thought this was one of her top outfits of all times and you all know she has some good ones. She had on a lot of flair, but I think it really worked for her! So, here she is in all her Razorback glory. (the t-shirt was just an added bonus - I just wanted something plain and white, but found this hidden jewel in her drawer and couldn't resist)

Yes, that is a Razorback tattoo on her arm.

This is Lucy's friend, Jadie. Lucy thought it was her job to push Jadie around on her car. Lucy also found herself getting jealous of anyone giving Jadie attention. She especially didn't want my neighbor, Christy (who is Jadie's aunt) to hold or play with Jadie, only her.

Lucy was devastated by the last second loss. BOOOOO!!!

In other news, here is a picture of Lucy at her Friday play date. Can you believe that we got all of these adorable kids to sit and look at the camera at once? I really can't. Mostly, I can't believe that Lucy sat there for even one second. I have gotten to meet some more moms and kids through my friend, Mandy. It is so nice having other moms to talk to, get advice from, gossip about celebrities with :), and just have normal adult conversation with. I feel so blessed to have Mandy and her family in our lives. For one, Mandy is a wonderful mom and I feel like I am always learning from her. She also has this huge heart and is so giving and it makes me want to be a better person. Lucy has a very special connection with Mandy. She always runs over and gives her hugs and wants to sit in her lap. This is very unusual behavior for Lucy, so it always makes me so happy to see her so comfortable with other people. Even more importantly, Anna and Lucy will have such a special bond as they grow older and their friendship blossoms. Anna is so sweet that I just want to hug on her the whole time we are with them. Really, she is such an amazing child and she has the most precious expressions. By the way Mandy, Lucy was so tired from all of the fun at the Arboretum that she was dead asleep in the car before we were out of the parking lot. We had a blast!

Mandy and I with our girls.

That is about it around here. Lucy still only has three teeth on top and the fourth is just refusing to come through. I can see and feel it, it has just not cut through. She is sleeping well though, so I have no complaints. I can't remember if I wrote this or not, but she has transitioned 100% to whole milk and is doing perfectly fine with it. She is a bit gassy, but nothing that a little Mylicon can't handle. She seems to really like the regular milk so much more than her soy formula. She is mimicking several other animals now, which is very funny. She does the bunny hop, thumps her chest like a gorilla, and raises her arm like an elephant's trunk. We are working on flying like a bird. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend. Let's hope the Cowboys win so it is not a total loss!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest getup ever! She looks like a total fan, and so sad that they lost.

Mrs.B said...

Miss Lucy is such a Diva! I love it! Miss P hopes to follow in her fashionista footsteps.

mam said...

Too much flair? Hardly! She didn't even have 17 pieces of flair, so nowhere near the record...and if anyone can pull off a record-beater, it's fabulous Miss Lucy!

LawMommy said...

While I am sure that there are some folks who could not have pulled off this outfit (I especially like the "Go Hogs" bloomers) - Lucy looks fabulous in all her Razorback flair.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that is too much! I love it!!! I am tutu-obsessed! I love that one! And the bloomers are hysterical!!! Where does one get a tattoo like that? We are on our way out for our day of fun watching the Texans.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you are so sweet. We are very very happy that you are Miss Lucy have joined our playgroup. It is really important for Anna to have Lucy nearby to see alot. I completely adore Lucy and Anna really has a connection with both of you too - I couldn't believe when she ran to give you a hug after we hadn't seen you for several weeks. we had a great time Friday too!

love you guys,

Shawna said...

Kelly!!! I LOVE Lucy's game day flair. I like that we're getting her started early on the Hog tats. Dumpling!!!

Jen said...

She is just precious! I love the tank top :)

Glad to hear that the transition to milk is going smoothly. What a big girl!

Susan said...

A tat and a tutu -- that pretty much says it all. Miss Lucy is definitely a trendsetter!

So happy to hear she's doing well with milk. We get to try that in less than a month.

ShellyW said...

Okay, I didn't think you could top the Flamingo outfit, but gosh darn it, you've done it with the latest get-up! She is so cute!!!!!! I'm so glad that you and Mandy are able to get your girls together and that you have other adoptive families close by! So wonderful.

Unknown said...

Woo pig souiee!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some serious flair! That's so awesome you found a playgroup with cool moms - still looking for that myself. Jackson just cut his 5th tooth (yeah, he only has 5!), and has been out of sorts the past few days/nights...not fun.