Wednesday, September 05, 2007

13 Months

A few days back, Lucy turned 13 months old. She went to the doctor today for her check up. She is about a month behind on her vaccine schedule, which is why she did not have a 1 year check up. Here are the stats for my little 13 month old toddler: 19 lbs 7 oz (10th percentile) and 30.5" long (80th percentile). So, she is tall and skinny. Ever since she has started walking/running, I have noticed that most of her baby chub (which was minimal to begin with) has disappeared. She can still wear almost everything she wore in Vietnam. The good thing about slow growth is that you really get some wear out of her clothes. She has stayed in 6-12 month clothes all spring and summer. Good thing since we literally have a closet busting at the seams with this size of summer dresses. She still wears a 3-6 month short, skirt, or pant with room to grow. Her little waist is just so tiny. In 5 months, she has gained right at 2 lbs and grown 2.5 inches. The doctor was fine with her growth and said it was consistent, so I am happy. She is at the age where she knows we are at the doctor and she let the whole office know that she did not like them or to be in their office. Any time a nurse or the doctor would come in our room, she would start wailing and waving bye bye to them. She literally was telling them to get out of our room!! They all thought that was pretty funny, so they looked past the screaming. She got three shots and a finger prick. She screamed the whole drive home, downed a bottle, and napped for three hours. She woke up happy as a lark and ready to play. She normally runs a fever with her shots, so we'll see how that goes this time. I have been giving her Motrin to help.

Yesterday, we got to see Lucy's cousin, Austen, and his mom and dad for a little while as they were driving back home. It was great to see them and get the babies together for a bit. Austen turns one on the 11th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTEN!! Here they are busy playing.

Here is Lucy in "her" purple chair for the kitchen.

Here is the big girl riding the horse. I asked Justin if Santa had room in his sleigh for a pony and he said probably not. Sorry baby girl. I tried!

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Here is a question for you all. Have you gotten your child's Halloween costume yet? If so, please share what they are going to be. If not, share what you are thinking of. I have gotten Lucy's. I will tell after you all do. It should be here in the mail any day. I might have to post a picture of her trying it on. I don't think I will be able to wait until Halloween because it is really the cutest thing I have ever seen. I will say that I originally wanted a goose because we call her Lucy Goose all of the time, but I was totally unsuccessful in finding it or even a swan and don't think I didn't scour the internet. What we chose will be so much better anyway!! I am so excited for holiday season to start. Remember last year when my whole house was decorated for Christmas by November 6th??? I won't be decorating that early this year since we will be home for Christmas this year, but don't think that I haven't started thinking about decorating already. I have already started talking about it to Justin, who is not amused. I just got a little giddy thinking about Lucy and her first Christmas with us!!!!

And finally, I have been tagged by a few other bloggers, so I guess I will do my part. Here are the rules:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!

L - Loud. My husband always tells me I am talking really loudly and I have no idea. I think I completely made Lucy nuts at first while we were in Vietnam because I am so loud and she was used to her quiet nannies. Poor thing, but she came around and is pretty darn loud herself these days.

Y - Young. At least I feel young. I am 27 for another few weeks. I am 2.5 years younger than Justin, so I will always have that going for me!!

N - Neat. I really like things to be in their place and not cluttered. I was not always like this, I think Justin made me this way.

E - Energetic. I have to have lots of energy to chase Lucy around all day. At the end of most days, I am totally wiped.

T - Timely. I kind of stole this from Kristin but I too cannot stand to be late for anything and even with a baby am 99% of the time on time or early to an appointment or meeting.

T - Thinker. I tend to over think things all of the time. I think this is the biggest contributor to my not being able to sleep anymore. I can't turn off my brain at night.

E - Enthusiastic. I am really enthusiastic about the things that I care most about in life, such a being a good momma!

I am not tagging anyone else because I am pretty sure that I am the last person in VN blogland to do this thing.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Miss Lucy's Halloween costume! Can I get a sneak preview this Friday? I'm pretty sure it's the Lilac Crayon, but I'm not sure.

Sara said...

I keep thinking I am going to make Lucy's costume, but then I am like...hmm, we are moving, I am pregnant, I haven't even made her the fall dresses that I bought the fabric for...So, I just need to order one! I think she will be very intolerant of a costume this year, so I think I will keep it simple. Maybe a ballerina or a fairy? But is is hard to resist those full-body get ups that make them look so adorably ridiculous! I saw a chicken costume from Old Navy that I may just need to buy. There are precious few years where I will have control over this decision...this may actually be the last one :)

Oh and my Lucy still wears size 12 month pants even though she is nearly 20 months. Funny thing is, she wears size 2T shirts! She is long in the waist I guess.

Talk to ya soon!

LaLa said...

Love her on that horse!!! Come on daddy..Santa can do what he wants, you aren't the boss of him LOL

Halloween...I keep asking Annslee what she wants to be and lately it is Ariel. I saw the costume at the Disney store and well, she isn't really built like a Mermaid (Lucy would be perfect) so it was a little tight on her and the size bigger was too long. Of course what she wants to be changes day to day so we will see. Last year she was Minnie Mouse and it was soooo cute. It is hard around here too b/c it may be cold or it may be super hot so you never know in advance what they will be comfortable in : )

Can't wait to see Lucy's

Anonymous said...

I got Jackson the cutest turtle costume and am hanging onto it unless I find something cuter in the meantime. Travis wants him to be a cowboy and put a saddle on his horse, our English Bulldog. We'll see!

saucygoat said...

This year Chloe has specifically asked to be Dora. Not just any Dora, the Dora from the episode that she turns into a Fairytale Princess. :) Your turn - what's Lucy going to be this Halloween?

Anonymous said...

First of all I'm already planning Christmas in my head too!! I am trying to distract myself by getting some of the fall decorations and Halloween stuff out. We didn't do Halloween last year because of Vietnam so my Halloween will be like your Christmas! I love the holiday season (which starts at Halloween for us!).

I am obsessed with trying to figure out a great costume. I haven't a clue, quite honestly. I've searched every website, pattern books, ebay. I have found ONE thing that is a maybe and ONE thing I have a slight idea for. It will be warm right? So that opens up some things and restricts others. Ugh. Seriously I am so lame I spend hours a day thinking about this. When you are up at night thinking, I am up at night scouring for costume ideas! I can't wait to hear what Lucy is and I'm jealous that you found something so quickly!!!

Shawna said...

Lucy is such a big girl riding that horse!! Oh, did you get my email about the Pottery Barn Kids duck costume? Well, I saw them first in the catalog, but went into the store last week and they had all their Halloween stuff out---sooooooo freaking cute!!! Can't wait to see Little Miss Luce in hers!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I've ever commented before or just been lurking...I think your daughter is sooo cute, and I love your blog. Oh, and I agree with Lala - daddy's aren't the boss of Santa, and he could totally fit a pony into that toy bag!
Anyway, 3-year old son changes his mind every day, so I've half a mind to let him pick something out of our dress up bin on the day and just go with it. I'm planning on our 16 month old son to wear a costume flight suit so he can be a pilot, but I've seen the old navy costumes and may not be able to hold myself back from dressing him up as a someone else commented, how long can you totally choose the costume for your kids? One thing's for sure - it will be COLD here on Halloween.

Sherri said...

She is so incredibly adorable!! I am glad all was good at the dr. We went yesterday for G's. one year check up. Only 1 1/2 months late! Grace will be a ballerina or fairy or something that we can use her tutu for. When she had her photos taken, she wore a tutu in one. I will try to post it later. Sooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Lucy doesn't have even one ounce of fear on that horse! She's so awesome.

Now my curiousity is peaked and I can't wait to see the costume. This year Ava is going to be a lion - because right now big cats are her favorite things in life. No costume yet for Sera, and no ideas. But I know she won't have any problems finding one she likes. She's very opinionated. :)

Sarah & Seth said...

We haven't received ours yet, but will post pics on the blog when we do!!

erinlo said...

I read your blog and then all the comments and, boy, do I feel like a crappy mom. Halloween much less Thanksgiving or Christmas have not even entered my radar. Is that sad??

I don't even know. Right now, I'm just getting by. If I think about Halloween anytime soon, I'll let you know.

Elizabeth said...


I saw a really cute peacock costume at Babystyle. The colors were way cool. Can't have too much plume!


Jenny said...

Lucy is totally tall and skinny. My girls are 21 and 22 pounds and 28 inches tall!!! Almost 3 full inches shorter!!!

We have that lilly dress for next year! What size are lucy's feet?

Halloween. I almost went bah humbug on it but bought them some tacky princess costumes today at brus. I would have gotten something off babystyle but nothing seemed right. Even the princess things are eh, but well put the converse on with them to give um some personality.

Leslie & Shaune said...

can't wait to see what you did for her costume. i'm a halloween addict. love the holiday.

my kids are 4 and 6. they will be (girl) princess probably and (boy) wants to be a stormtrooper - where am i gonna find that costume? lol.

Anonymous said...

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