Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Off to the Grandparents House We Go

We just got home today from a trip down to Nana and Grandy's for some quality grandparent time. Lucy, of course loved it, because she is the center of attention at their house. We did all kinds of fun things - took a golf cart ride and saw baby deer and ducks, went swimming in a lake for the first time, swam in the pool, took many wagon rides, played with all of the John Deere toys at Grandy's work, and got to meet a lot of family that have never met Lucy in person. She amazes me as she opens up more and more to people every single day. She is not nearly as shy or reserved as she used to be. She giggles and smiles all of the time. Everyone just loved her and she was such a trooper. She started this new "singing" thing that is so adorable. I am going to try and get it on video because it is worth everyone seeing. Also, she took 4 very steady and controlled steps the other day. We could not believe it. As I have said before, the steps that she takes are always diving ones, but these 4 she got her balance after each step and steadied herself. It won't be long until she is outta here!! Here are some fun pictures from our weekend.

My first swim in the lake with my Grandy!

Crawling all over the place in the grass.

I was a little scared of the waves in the lake, so this bucket of water was more fun for me to splash around in.

Lucy has a quick question.

Nana and Grandy gave me this wagon for my first birthday. I got to get it a month early!!

I really love to be strolled around in it and wave to everyone as I pass by.

Playing on the John Deere toys.

I wish one of my cousins was in here with me!!

Swimming with Grandy.

On my way back to the house in my new wagon!!

And finally, our good friend Kristin, who is also adopting from Vietnam, was over to visit us and she is a great photographer. She took some pix of Lucy and here is my one sneak preview. Let's all hope she posts some more on her blog (hint, hint)!! Lucy loved having a visitor over to the house. Thanks for coming Kristin!!


Kimberly said...

She is such a beauty!! I have to show the husband the picts of the John Deere toys! He's countin the days until he can buy the baby a pedal tractor!

Very cute!!

ShellyW said...

Awww, she is so sweet. The picture of her standing by the bucket makes her look sooooo tiny! The picture your friend took is beautiful. Of course when she has such a pretty girl to work with, how can they do anything but turn out good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lucy was very busy this weekend - I'm glad to hear you guys had a great time.

Thanks for the shout out...I'm hoping to have the rest of the pictures done this weekend. I'll get some posted for sure...this girl can take a hint! :-)

R&H said...

Lucy is such a beautiful girl. You can tell by the photographs how very much she is loved and cherished.
Keep posting, it makes the waiting a little easier!

Heather said...

What a fun weekend! I love how dainty, pretty Lucy is riding on John Deer equipment!

Anonymous said...


Good work on posting! :) I canNOT believe her birthday is in a month...that is SO crazy to me!

Looks like she had a GREAT time! can't wait to see you two again, it is SAD how bored I get after work with no playtime, puzzle, or Wii.

love to all.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, it looks like y'all had a blast with Justin's parents! Lucy just keeps getting cuter and cuter! When can she come to Hot Springs and swim in the lake with us:)??? By the sister is now addicted to Wii too!!! Bowling is her favorite:)!!!


Sherri said...

I missed you guys! I kind of figured you were visiting family. I love Lucy in her John Deere wagon. She is so beautiful. Grace thinks so too. The other night I was checking your blog and I expanded one of the pictures of Lucy. She just stared and tried to touch her. She stares at herself whenever there is a mirror around. She loves pretty, Vietnamese babies! Almost a year old...AHHHHHHHHHHH.

KelleyO said...

I love that you take so many pictures of Lucy. She is so beautiful! I can't believe how much she's grown.

LaLa said...

She is so beautiful...glad you had a fun visit. As usual, loving her swimsuits!!!

Email me the dates you will be in town in to get together.

Anonymous said...

That last shot is beautiful!! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I can't believe she has already received a 1st birthday present. She's just too darn little to have a birthday coming up!! Scary how fast the time flies.

Living to Love said...

Looks like Lucy loves the water! She is a beauty. I love black and white photography!

mam said...

I love the wagon. What fun to have a country environment to travel to -- I grew up on a road that looks much like the one she's being pulled down. Seriously, that is the CUTEST DAMN that I've met our Lucy, all I can say is I'm glad she's in such good company.

Anonymous said...

Travis is admiring the john deer gear! Happy 11 months Lucy. I so wish we were meeting you guys tomorrow. We actually flew in on an overnight flight a day early in hopes to meet and not be too rushed, but it's better for us anyway to have an extra day at home. We're just bummed Lucy and Jackson will have to wait another ___ months to fall in love;) Hoping at next year's Asian Festival or an agency picnic? Someday Kell...