Wednesday, November 01, 2006

3 Months Old

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was having issues with Blogger.

Today is Miss Lucy's 3 month birthday!! I hope that she is having a wonderful day. We were scared once again with another typhoon hitting central Vietnam, but it seems for the moment, that the storm has decided to change its course and not head right towards Lucy's province. These storms will stress a girl out like nothing else. It is just terrifying to think of your baby in an orphanage unable to help herself with a powerful storm heading right her way. I think we are in the clear though.

Happy Halloween a day late. I got so mad last night because we had 1, yes I did say only 1, trick or treater. What a let down. I think the problem is that we live too close to a pretty busy street, so the kids seem to head the other direction. My nephew was a shark. So darn cute.

I am hoping to get an update really soon on Lucy. We should get new measurements and some new pictures. I am dying to see some new pictures. Babies change so much from month to month, so it will be so neat to see how much she has grown and changed. I told Justin that it almost felt like getting her referral all over again. I am so anxious to see new pictures of our girl.

I had a very real and detailed adoption dream last night. Justin and I were in Vietnam, we had Lucy, and we were actually pretty darn good parents. Usually my dreams are totally scary and I have no idea what to do with Lucy. But in this dream, she was happy and smiling and playing with us. It was great. She looked exactly like her picture. I think I had this nice happy dream because of the wonderful pictures and videos that Nicki has posted on her blog.


Anonymous said...

*Happy 3 Month Birthday Lucy!*

I hope you are able to be together soon. :o)

Sarah said...

Those are the kind of dreams you don't want to wake up from. Hope Lucy's new pics come soon.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope you get new pictures soon.

That is one adorable little shark! :)

Kelly said...

the shark costume is way too cute!

so glad you are having sweet baby dreams....someday soon those dreams will be true and she will be in your arms.
here's hoping those pics come soon!

Ange said...

Your nephews costume is adorable!I hope you receive Lucy's new pictures soon.
Happy 3 month b-day Lucy

Stepping On Legos said...

You are right - those adoption updates are just like the referral! Ugh - nervewracking! i can't wait to see her updates too :-) I'm so glad the typhoon diverted and she will be safe. Also I love your dream - it will be reality in no time. i can not wait!!! How disappointing about the TOT'ers.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lucy! My 11 month old nephew was also a shark this Halloween - same costume! Too cute! He wasn't too cooperative about keeping it on though...

I hope you get new pictures & updates soon.

jenn said...

Kelly, I didn't realize our girls were so close in age!
If you have my email, would you mind emailing me the approx. weight and length when you get them on lucy as we are not likely to get more than what we were given and are torn on what size clothing to pack hate to overpack with 2 older children along as well!) I can't tell you how much I would appreciate it!

Your nephew made a cute shark, my Gracie walked by while I was reading and said "OH, look at that...he,he,he" She got a big kick out him.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little shark! I love it!

I hope you get some new pics soon! Glad to hear she is safe from the storm. Happy 3 months!

Emily said...

happy birthday lucy!
i cant wait until you get an update.

i only had three trick or treaters and i was SO sad. i think newer neighborhoods where the houses are close together is where everyone goes nowadays. such a bummer:(

oh well, more candy for us!

Destination Motherhood said...

I hope you get an update really really soon.

Brenda said...

Happy birthday Lucy! Please give us any details once you get the updates.

mellow & yellow said...

Happy Three Month Birthday Miss Lucy!!
I love your nephew's costume. He looks alot like my godson. Check out his pic!