Monday, May 10, 2010



A lot has happened since I last posted! First, Justin had a birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday Dada!! We all love you so much and we just adore being your girls. He even had the whole weekend off, which is not at all the norm for him so we took a quick family trip down to San Antonio. Nana and Grandy met us there, which was so lucky!

We got to do so much stuff. Friday night, Nana watched the girls and Justin and I got to go to the Spurs game. They were awful, but it was fun to get to a game. Justin is a huge Spurs fan, so he is sad they got bumped out of the tournament yesterday. Then we spent all day at Sea World on Saturday. The girls LOVED, and I do mean LOVED it. They were so so good despite all that was going on and no nap. Annie, who is never still for a moment of her life, would sit perfectly still and watch every show. She was just in awe of the whole experience. Lucy's favorite part was definitely feeding the dolphins. She keeps telling us, "Those dolphins sure did love me!" Then Saturday night Justin and I got to go out again while Andy and June kept the girls. What a huge treat for us to get to spend some qt together alone! We went to a concert and to a very yummy dinner and had a few drinks with some friends. It was just awesome.

Then Sunday was Mother's Day and we went to lunch before heading home. Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms, moms-to-be, and women hoping to be a mom soon! I have said time and time again that I have the best moms in my life ever. I am so thankful for my mom and June and all that they have done for us. You guys are the very best. I am also so thankful to be a mom to Lucy and Annie that I can't really put it into words. Being their mom is the greatest gift I could ask for.

I am so close to being 100% caught up with work. I have one more session to edit and then there are still orders waiting to come in, but it feels good to be at this point! I do have a couple of sessions this week, but overall I feel great about work stuff for the moment. June will get me all worked out again. It is nice to be a little slower until that point.

Enjoy the pics from Sea World. What a fun place!














Mom said...

Hooray!! Pics of our adorable girls having a wonderful time!!! Sea World is the best. Glad it went so well and that you had wonderful weather! I'm a bit jealous!

Again, Happy Birthday to Justin. Next year I'm calling at the crack of dawn to sing, so that I don't get into so much trouble. ugh

Also glad that you are getting caught up on work. Always a good feeling! Love the pic of the Goose's hand on Dada! I'll have to talk to the girls and have them tell me what they loved about the BIG fish!

Seashy is in a tornado warning. yuk. I'll be glad when the weather evens out. Was cold again today, but is to start getting hot again tomorrow.

Miss all of you. Hugs, love, and kisses, LeeLee

Mom said...

PS--great Sea World pics. Lee

Nicki said...

Great pictures!
Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

so happy that you posted...missed you. love the pics of sea world. lucy looks so amazed. annie is just precious. have a great week...happy to hear that you are getting caught up.

Anonymous said...

The one of Lucy leaning over daddy's shoulder made me tear up.

Norah said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Kara said...

these pictures are so beautiful! im always a sucker for the jelly fish... and it's nice to see little people excited about animals :)

MKH said...

happy mothers day!

Stepping On Legos said...

Aww - what fun! Happy birthday Justin!

I was lamenting why your pictures are sooo much better than my sea world pictures when I remembered that I used one of my kids cameras because I decided to leave mine at home. Bah. Now I regret it! And you know, we never got to feed the dolphins and we were there two days! Sounds like you guys really know how to do Sea World! Are you going back again this year?

Sophie said...

these pictures are awesome and your girls are gorgous

Lane Olson said...

your pics even make shamu look glamorous!